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Security Camera Series  

PolyVision 40V
4 channels network digital video recorder

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Featured Highlights
Fullplex recorder (Recording / Playback / Network at the same time)
60fps in Full D1 recording rate for 4 channels (15fps D1 per channel recording)
Real time display at 120fps (4 channels). Recording at 120fps in 1 CIF per 4 channels.
CCTV or VGA/LCD monitor
1 channel audio input/output
Video compression: MPEG4
Sensor trigger recording
Intelligent auto-skip bad HDD sectors
Fan less low noise design
Backup directly to USB Drive (Fat32 only - USB Drive up to 32 GB in size accepted)
I/O control for sensor and relay
Internet Explorer web browser enabled for web view
PDA Viewer (Windows CE/Smartphone based)
A -> B repeat allows segmentation before backing up
Supports alarm to email mechanism
Supports DHCP for easy IP setup,remote update
Client (Remote) site SDK support
 Recommended Configurations
Price starts at $699 for one month video recording storage. Please contact us for details
Video Feature
  • Dimension: 299mm (L) x 180mm (M) x 52mm (H)
  • 4 composite video inputs (BNC connector)
  • 1 Composite & 1 VGA output
  • Video compression: MPEG4
  • Video Format: NTSC and PAL
  • 1 channel audio input/output
  • Display Resolution: D1 mode: 720x480/720x576 (NTSC/PAL), CIF mode: 360x240/360x288 (NTSC/PAL)
  • Display frame rate: Total 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • Hue/Brightness/Contrast/Saturation adjustable
  • Recording frame rate: CIF mode: 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL), D1 mode: 60/50 fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • Recording modes: Schedule (00:00 ~ 24:00 set by hour), Sensor/Continuous
  • Auto recycle recording
  • Auto recycle enabling
  • Password authentication mechanism
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 55 C
  • Instant access playback
  • 4096 event listed supported:
    . Video search by date/time/event
    . Easy to playback and backup on Windows 2000/XP via Internet Explorer
    . Output as AVI files (supports Windows Media Player)
    . Repeating A-B playback and backup
    . Enabling quick backup to External USB Drive (FAT32 only - up to 32GB in size)
    . Supports watermark function for image verification
  • 4 sensor inputs and 1 relay
  • Relay output controls alarm, lock, light, or other devices
  • Sending alert by e-mail on alarm triggered

For further information and pricing please call 1-800-999-1278 or 650-583-7222 to speak with a sales rep. You may also fax your inquiry to 650-583-1974. Product specification and price are subjected to change without further notice.


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