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Polywell CD/DVD Rep.
Polywell CD/DVD Replicators  

The Polywell CD/DVD Replicator is a standalone 1 to 1, 3, 5, 7or21 DVD duplicator system with LCD Display. This subsystem is designed for users who are looking for a way of making instant copies of original DVD data or data in a more efficient and much simple solutions. It provides a flawless function in duplicating any format of media with excellent accuracy. With its professional mechanism design and multi-function LCD panel, the Polywell CD/DVD Replicator is easy for any end-user to operate. It is a perfect cost-effective CD/DVD duplicator for audio, data, and video applications.


DV-1T21 1 to 21 DVD Duplicator is a 1-to-21 copy controller supporting 16X CD/DVD writers. It doesn't need connecting to a computer. Through the LCD and 4 buttons on the copy controller's panel, you can copy data, audio or video CD/DVD easily and quickly. It is fit for companies desire to do a small amount of production.
- Standalone IDE to IDE DVD Copy controller
- Build-in SOC (System On Chip) Engine
- Self diagnostics when power on
- Support internal 3.5" hard drive
- User friendly interface with LCD display
- Automatic DVD format detection
- Easy operation without software and training
- Up to 8 IDE Devices, Data buffer: 8MB SDRAM
- Hard Drive Optional
Portable IDE RAID with SCSI or USB/1394 Host Interface Storage


- Toshiba 64-bit 200MHz Processor
- Up to 5 x 300G ATA 133 IDE Hot Swap HD
- RAID Level 5, 0, 1, 0+1, JBOD or NRAID
- Ultra 160 SCSI Host Interface or USB .0/1394B
- Simple to Set up and Control via LCD Button
- Support Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, Windows
- 1TB Configuration Starts at $2500
- Handle Design for Easy Carry Portability



1 to 9 DVD/CD Duplicator (DV-1T9) with 80G HD


- Stand alone 1 to 9 target duplication systems
- Include 80G Hard Drive
- New! Automatic CD/DVD Format recognition - Duplicator will automatically recognize format of source discs
- New! Innovative hard drive partition system automatically creates partitions for DVD and CD images
- Supports DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW blank media formats
- Automatically performs a self-test upon boot up
- No cool down period between runs
- Suitable for heavy production jobs
- System is upgradeable via firmware
- Copy, Test, Verify, and Compare functions available
- Intuitive user-friendly LCD display
- Very easy to set up and use
- Rigorously tested for performance
- 1 years limited warranty



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