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Poly 880 NF/XP Series
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Poly 880NF

High-Performance Video Graphics PC
nForce 128-bit TwinBank DDR, 6x AGP Graphics

AMD Athlon XP

Platinum 12-Bay Aluminium Tower
 Product Description
AMD Athlon™ XP Processor
NVidia nForce ChipSet
On-board LAN / 6X Graphics
1U or Tower Configuration
 Poly 880NF Series

Poly 880NF-1900 $1,150
Poly 880NF-2000 $1,499
Poly 880NF-2100 $2,199
Poly 880NF-2600 $1,999
Best Buy at $ 1,299
w/2400+, 19" CRT, 512M DDR
 Chassis Views Chassis Options

. Side
. Back
. CPU cooling
. Hard Drive cooling
. Option with USB in front
. USB Zoom

. 12-Bay Mercury Aluminum Tower
. 7-Bay Aluminum Mini-Tower
. 1U Basic Rackmount
. 2U Black Rackmount
. 3U /Black Rackmount
. 4U Silver/Black Aluminum Rackmount
Product Description
The Poly 80NF Platform is designed for the power user who needs superior performance in both 3D graphics and floating point applications. With it's cutting edge, Twinbank 128-bit DDR memory architecture and the new Athlon™ XP processor it raises the performance bar for the next generation of Computer systems. The high end Nvidia graphics and Ultra DMA RAID capabilities make it an ideal platform for every application from CAD/CAM to Animation to 3D gaming.

Professionals and home users alike will appreciate the flexibility of this Product line. We offer true customization of this platform. Our knowledgable staff are happy to configure a custom system designed for anything from internet surfing to office documents to cluster farms capable of calculating the trajectory path of the next space shuttle launch. We will even special order components to build a truely one of a kind computer system perfectly tailored for your environment and preferences.
Poly 880NF - 1900