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Polywell Video Editing Systems
Pinnacle System Pro-One Bundled

Turnkey System with Pro One and DC1000 DVD Authoring starts at $3,999

Realtime Native DV & MPEG-2 Editing with Realtime 3D Effects for Corporate, Event, and Multimedia Artists 


Featuring truly incredible 3D video effects and comprehensive, Real Time editing capabilities,
Pinnacle Pro-ONE allows you to quickly and intuitively get your ideas up on the screen,
where they belong. Pinnacle Pro-ONE also delivers the raw horsepower needed to increase
you productivity by ensuring that you don't spend valuable time waiting, while your scenes
are rendered.
Input:   Capture from any digital or analogue source via the breakout box, in 4/3 or wide screen 16/9 Simplified
capture: Pinnacle DV Tools 2.0 simplifies the capture process. TapeScan allows you to automatically create a table of contents from DV tapes.  You then select scenes for capture by simply dragging the clips you'd like into your project.
Easy to use: Pinnacle Hollywood FX provides pre-created effects for ease of use.      Sophisticated multiple source effects are pre-constructed and provide instant results without having to create an independent path, size or timing for each video clip effect.
Expandable: The combination of software and hardware is flexible enough to allow for user to create new effects and add on effects. Unlike other effect engines, Pinnacle's approach is not limited.
Customizable:  You can change effects and motion paths as you like since the engine offers full creative control.
Audio: Manage sounds effects and volume in Real-time, thanks to the dedicated interface. 
Output formats: Pinnacle Pro-ONE supports a wide range of output, including: DVD, CD, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, Windows Streaming Media, Real Networks Media, QuickTime and AVI.
DVD authoring:  With Pinnacle Impression DVD, spice up your productions by creating amazing, dynamic menus for your DVD projects.

 - Real-time where it counts!

Detail Technical Specification:

Adobe Premiere 6.0
Using the full version of Premiere, hundreds of video effects, filters and titles can be played back in real-time without rendering. Premiere makes the editing process both fast and simple.

Impression DVD SE
Create your own fully interactive CDs and single menu DVD's with Impression DVD SE. Impression DVD SE allows you to create interactive menus for your production making it the ideal tool for the ultimate multimedia experience.

Pinnacle Systems’ Hollywood FX RT
An advanced and logical interface makes it simple to add a variety of creative transitions to your productions. Choose from a library of 100 software-based accelerated 3D effects and transitions, all organized into convenient categories so you can quickly find what you need.

Pinnacle Systems' Alpha Magic™
Alpha Magic is a unique composition of almost 400 real-time transitions. Alpha Magic enhances every production with real-time effects. Standard forms are available as well as off-beat designs like fingerprints or puzzles.

Pinnacle Systems’ TitleDeko RT™
Not just another graphics program, Pinnacle Systems' TitleDeko RT was designed from the outset to be used for video titling. It comes from Pinnacle Systems award-winning family of titling products used by major broadcasters. As a result it has a feature set that you'd expect - anti-aliased text, rolls and crawls. TitleDeko comes with hundreds of customizable styles such as neon, metallic, shapes and soft edges that can be applied to any font. Use video output during title creation process to preview on the television monitor.

Pinnacle Systems' DV Tools
DV Tools software is designed around the digital features of DV devices and allows DV camcorder or VCR device control. DV Tools completely automates the process of selecting and capturing scenes from tape. DV Tools provides enhanced camcorder compatibility features.
Key Features and Software bundle

Key Features:

    •                 Multiple, Simultaneous 2D and 3D Digital Video Effects
    •                 Animated Graphics and Titles
    •                 Keyframeable Multi-layers and Compositing
    •                 Real Time Video Mapping on 3D Objects
    •                 2 Channels of Picture in Picture with Animated Backgrounds
    •                 2 Independent Channels of Slow Motion Control
    •                 2 Discreet Channels of Digital Panning
    •                 2 Separate Image Correction Filters
    •                 Real Time Image Stabilization Filters

    Software Bundled:
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Pinnacle Systems' TitleDeko RT
    Pinnacle Systems' Impression DVD SE
    Pinnacle Systems' DV Tools
    Hollywood FX RT
    Pinnacle Systems’ TitleDeko RT™
    Hollywood Alpha Magic
    Pinnacle Systems' INSTANT Video
    Adobe PhotoShop® LE
    SmartSound Quicktracks

    OS Support:
    Windows 98SE and Beta for Windows 2000 Professional


· 32 bit PCI bus mastering expansion card
Data Rate
· Two streams of DV data (25 Mbits per second, per stream) and one graphic layer
Frame Rate
· 30/25 frames, 60/50 fields per second (NTSC/PAL, US version NTSC only)
Digitization and Playback
· In Real Time. 720 X 480 (NTSC) or 720X576 (PPAL/SECAM) in 4:1:1 YUV (NTSC) or 4:2:0 YUV (PAL), true color
Video Inputs
· 1X composite video (CVBS), RCA (cinch) jack
· 1X S-Video (Y/C) mini DIN
· 2X IEEE 1394 (Firewire/ilink) six pin connector
Video Standard
· NTSC, PAL (US version NTSC only), Widescreen 16:9
Video Systems
· DV, DV Cam DVCPro, Digital 8, S-VHS, Hi-8, VHS, Video8
Video Overlay
· Video overlay chip for real time monitoring on computer screen
Audio Inputs/Outputs
· Input: Stereo, 2X RCA (cinch) jack
· Output: Stereo, 2X RCA (cinch) jack
Audio Input Level
· OdB, adjustable, selectable
Audio Recording and Playback
· In real time directly to/from hard disk in full CD/DAT stereo audio quality

Polywell Bundles with Pro-One, DV500 Plus, DC1000,DC2000 offering complete turn-key Video Editing Systems.
Poly RT1800XP AthlonXP 1800+ with DDR starts at $3,999
Poly RT2000-P4 Pentium-4 2.0GHz RT Editing Systems starts at $ 4399
Prices Subjet to change without notice, due to market flutuations.
Call for Current Price at 800-999-1278 (SALES)
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