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Poly Alpha 264UP-677
Product Description
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Poly Alpha 264UP-677
Optimized for Softimage®

 Product Description
Dual Alpha® Processsor at 667 Mhz w/4 mb Level 3 cache.
100 Mhz High-speed ECC SDRAM memory.
96MB GMX OpenGL 3D Graphics Card
21" High resolution SVGA Monitor
PolyAlpha Dual 264UP-677

Starts at $ 15,995
Product Description
The PolyAlpha Dual 264UP-677MHz is powered by the new generation Alpha 21264A RISC processor to optimize performance in those critical high floating point applications. With the rendering needed in high-end animation software, the Alpha gives you raw power which easily relates to less time and a savings in man hours. Utilizing 1GB of memory running at 256-bit bus, and 4MB of External Cache. This system makes an ideal system to handle the high-end 3D Animation packages and CAD/CAM applications.

This system is desgned for the individual or business that needs a speedy yet inexpensive system to cater to those high intensive graphic programs. Softimage®, Lightwave 3D®, QuarkXPress®, MicroStation®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and many other 3D, animation, and CAD packages that require the power and speed will be well suited for the PolyAlpha Dual 264UP-677. Polywell provides true custom configuration services to optimize this PC from the beginner level to the true professional level.
PolyAlpha Dual 264UP-677
  . PolyAlpha Dual Processor 264UP ATX MB
  . Dual Alpha 21264A 677MHz and 4MB Level-3 Cache.
  . 1GB SDRAM/ECC, 256-bit Memory Bus, Expandable to 2GB
  . 18GB (2 x 9.1GB) Ultra-LVD SCSI HD Striping in RAID-0
  . Poly 14-Bay ServerCube Chassis
  . 400 Watt ATX Power Supply
  . On-Board Ultra-LVD SCSI
  . 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive, 48X CD-ROM
  . Keytronic PS/2 Keyboard
  . Logitech 3 Button Hi-Res Mouse
  . PCI 32-bit 3D Sound with Speakers and Subwoofer
  . PolyView 21" Monitor .25mm
  . 96MB GMX OpenGL 3D Graphics Card
  . 100Mbit Fast Ethernet
  . Windows NT or Linux OS
  . Life time in-house office hour tech support
  . 5-year labor, 3-year limited parts warranty
  . Optional on-site service,
  . 24-hour Third Party Phone Support
  . SKU#. 264UP6770728E
$ 15,995
If you can not find your configuration from the choice,
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Alpha 200UP Dual Processor ATX Motherboard.
Dual 677MHz Alpha 21264A Processors, 4MB Level-3 Cache (Option: 8MB).
2x64bit,4x32bit 33MHz PCI,1xISA, Dual PCI Buses
On-board Ultra-2 LVD SCSI
10/100Mbit Ethernet
FDD,2S,1P, 2USB Ports
8 x DIMM Socket for Unbuffered SDRAM
256MB-2GB SDRAM with ECC/Parity (256-bit Memory Bus)
Poly Cube Tower 14-Bay Case with 300Watt PS/2 Power Supply
8 x 5.25" and 2 x 3.5" Exposed Drive Bays, 4 x 3.5" Internal Bay
H:18.4" x W:14.8" x D:20", 65 Lb. excluding Monitor
110V / 220V Switchable, UL, CSA, FCC, CE Approved
Supports NT, Linux
Other Options
  • 4 GB or 18 GB 7200 RPM Ultra-Wide or UltraSCSI2 Hard Drive
  • 4.5, 9.1 or 18.2GB Ultra-1or Ultra-2 SCSI Drive
  • Genetic 32X IDE or SCSI CD-ROM
  • Oxygen 402 32M OpenGL, Diamond FireGL 1000Pro, Matrox Millennium or AccelStarII
  • 17" or 21" High Resolution Monitor (Sampo, IIyama, ViewSonic, Sony, NEC, Hitachi)
  • Sound Blaster AWE64 Sound Card, USR/3Com Modem
  • Logitech Mouse, Ergonomic Keyboard
  • 17-Bay Full Size Cube BOX or 6-Bay Mid-Tower
  • 300Watt to 400Watt Power Supply with Software or Hardware Switch
  • NT, Linux Dual boot
Additional Info

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