Tray-less HD Removable Bay
- Allow you to hot swap SATA Hard Drive without mounting kit like a CD
- Supports Multi-Boot OS, swap a different OS on different drive for Booting.
- Replacement for eSATA without external power and data cable issues.
- Optional 1 bay to 5 bay SAS/SATA Combo available.
The trayless and screwless design is for fast and easy installation. The anti-vibration air cushion design gives hard drive an extra protection from damage. Blue LED indicator enables monitor power and hard drive activities. Security key-lock prevents intrusion and theft to the most important data.
  • Standard Drive Bays: 5.25"
  • Key lock
  • LED indicates for HDD, Power
  • Auto-eject handle with patent design
  • Easy to install
  • No software or driver required
  • Unlimited HDD Capacity
  • Interface SATA I/II