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Internet Hub M3
Multi-user Internet access made easy for the home or small office
INTERNET Hub-M3 is an integrated analog router and four-port Ethernet hub designed to increase your productivity on the Internet.

INTERNET Hub-M3 is the most affordable way to give everyone Internet access because you can:
  • Simultaneously share 1, 2, or 3 external modems with regular phone lines.
  • Start with one modem and add more as performance is needed.
  • Use your existing 14.4, 28.8, 33.6 external modems or the new 56K models.
  • Build your network with the free built-in hub.
  • Use M3 with all the top-selling modems on the market.
Everyone Can Use the Internet Without Waiting Now the whole office can benefit from e-mail and on-line information because INTERNET Hub-M3 allows multiple users to simultaneously access the Internet. Users are never prevented from accessing the Internet because someone else is using the modem. In addition, you avoid the disruption and cost of adding a phone line for each user.

You can choose to take advantage of 1, 2, or 3 modems depending upon your need for performance. Because one modem may not be enough for an office whose use of the Internet is increasing, INTERNET Hub-M3 gives you the flexibility to add a second or third modem.

INTERNET Hub-M3 allows multiple modems to be used at once and intelligently assigns traffic to ensure everyone has good performance. You can now avoid waiting for more expensive lines like ISDN and T1 while experiencing excellent performance due to our special performance boosting technology.

Bring Up Web Pages Faster

Many business people are using information on the Worldwide Web to increase their productivity and competitiveness, but are frustrated by the slow performance of regular modems. INTERNET Hub-M3 allows you to browse Web pages up to three times faster than a single modem. The chart below shows actual performance data:

Using: Waiting Time
Single Modem 85 Seconds
INTERNET Hub-M3 and 2 Modems 61 Seconds
INTERNET Hub-M3 and 3 Modems 36 Seconds

INTERNET Hub-M3 takes advantage of the fact that browsers like Netscape open multiple connections to a single Web page by transferring each connection over a separate modem. If you have three external 56K modems attached to your M-3, you can experience ISDN-like performance with regular phone lines! No more waiting while Web pages inch down your screen.

Unbeatable Value INTERNET Hub-M3 users will also enjoy using the Internet for more efficient communication. You can send Internet e-mail instead of making costly long distance calls and wasting time exchanging phone messages. Your office can also take advantage of Internet fax services, saving time and money (and trees) while you fax directly from your computer. Information on Internet fax options is included with INTERNET Hub-M3.

INTERNET Hub-M3, you no longer require a phone line and Internet account for each user. Each modem requires just one Internet account and one phone line. Whether you choose to use one modem or three, you will not need any additional Internet accounts, because our EasyIPTM software allows users to share Internet access. Personal e-mails are delivered directly to each person with a mailbox.

As there is no practical limit to the number of users who can all receive e-mail through one Internet account, the savings in your monthly Internet bills quickly add up. The following chart shows the savings estimated when using a INTERNET Hub-M3 with two modems as opposed to separate phone lines and Internet accounts for each user:

Number of Users Monthly Savings
3 $ 42
4 $ 84
5 $ 127
6 $ 171
7 $ 216
8 $ 263
9 $ 311
10 $ 361

Setting-up your INTERNET Hub-M3 is quick and easy since you will be using familiar phone lines and modems. Installation is as simple as using a Web browser. INTERNET Hub-M3 is compatible with most computers and software and works seamlessly in Windows and Macintosh environments.

Preserve your investment in existing external modems by turning them into multi-user modems. Your INTERNET Hub-M3 will know if your modems have different speeds and will figure out which modem to use to give the best overall performance. Because the INTERNET Hub-M3 includes a built-in Ethernet hub, you will avoid the cost and set-up time of buying a separate networking hub.

Designed to Grow with Your Business INTERNET Hub-M3 is fully equipped to grow with your business. It is easy to provide Internet access to new employees -- just add them to the network and they are ready for business. To increase performance simply add another modem (up to a total of three).  INTERNET Hub-M3 supports all modem standards, including the new 56K standards. The built-in four-port Ethernet hub is fully expandable and can be linked with another hub.


comes with free technical support and an unlimited user license, so there are no surprise upgrade costs when your business grows.

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