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NetDisk is the industry's 
     first embeddable thin file 
     server through which 
     storage devices can be 
     connected for direct network 
     acces via UNIX or 
     Windows clients. NetDisk 
     provides network storage 
     access at significantly lower cost and 
     greater ease-of-use than PC-based file servers.  
NetDisk is an embeddable thin file server through which storage 
   devices are connected for direct network attached access via Unix 
   or Windows clients. Substitution of NetDisk for PC based file 
   servers provides clients network storage access at significantly 
   reduced cost and far greater ease-of-use. NetDisk is designed 
   from the ground up to move data, unlike conventional PC servers 
   using applications processors running complex network operating 

   The NetDisk design leverages the latest hardware and software 
   technologies in order to deliver plug-and-play simplicity and 
   reliability. With NetDisk, adding or removing resources from the 
   network is as easy as plugging in a light and turning it on. NetDisk 
   attaches to any 10Base-T or 100Base-TX Ethernet LAN, is 
   auto-configuring and supports multiple high-speed SCSI storage 

   Device management and configuration is accessible via Internet or 
   Intranet using Java applet capable web browsers run from either 
   Unix or Windows clients. User name and password protection 
   ensures proper access.  

  • World class network
  • Plug-and-play thin file server
  • Exceptional RISC Processing Performance 
  • Platform and operating system independent 
  • Industry standard open hardware 
  • Real-time operating system 
  • Web browser configuration and management 
  • Small and Light 

                    NetDisk FAQ

       Processor: Intel i960  
       DRAM Memory Type: Single 72pin EDO SIMM 70ns or faster  
       DRAM Memory Size Options: 8MB, 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB 
       Flash Memory: 2 MB 
       Software Storage: Operating system and management applications stored on Flash. 
       Timers: RTC with NVRAM  VxWorks multi-tasking, multi-threading kernel 
       Status LEDs: Device power, device fault, Ethernet speed, Ethernet link, Ethernet activity, SCSI activity 
Network Subsystem: 

       Supported Clients:WFW 3.11 with TCP/IP, Win95, and WinNT for SMB. UNIX workstations running NFS V2 and above. 
       Device Management: Java applet, stored in the device, downloaded and run on a client browser  
       Browser Requirements: Navigator 3.x and above or Internet Explorer 3.x and above  
       Network Management: SNMP V2, MIB-II  
       File Sharing Protocols: NFS, WebNFS, SMB, CIFS.  
       Network Transport Protocols: TCP/IP 
       Network Link Protocols: FastEthernet 100Base-TX and Ethernet  10Base-T with auto speed selection  
       Connector: RJ-45 
       Controller: Intel 82557 
       Serial Subsystem: Connector: DB-9 RS232  


  Standard Model: NetDisk-4 
            4 x 5.25" or 3.5" Half Height Hard Drive  
                7.5W x 17.3D x 10.2H (inch) 
  Advanced Model: NetDisk-8 
            8 x 5.25" or 3.5" Half Height Hard Drive  
                7.5W x 17.9D x 17.1H (inch) 
  Power supply:  250Watt PS/2 Style, 110/220V Switchable 
  Shock and Vibration:  50 G, non-operational  
 Operating Environment: 0 to 50 degrees C, 10 to 95% humidity 
 Non-operating Environment: SCA-2 hot swap technology  
RAID Level: 
           Level 0, 1, 0+1 

Storage Subsystem: 

       Filesystem: DOS compatible, Extended FAT  
       Protocol: Ultra SCSI 
       Controller:Symbios 53C875 
       Connector:SCA-2 hot swap technology or  68-pin Wide  
       Device Types: Fixed and removable media disk drives 
       Max Devices:
        Model: NetDisk-4 4GB to 46GB Per Box 
        Model: NetDisk-8 4GB to 150GB Per Box 

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