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ODM/OEM Small Form Factor PCs
x86 compatible for a variety of applications. In addition to general-purpose computing, Small form factor PCs are designed for Digital Signage, Kiosk , POS, Surveillance, Digital Home, Set top box, Network Appliance, System Control, Security, Medical Equipment and Automotive applications.
Mini-PC Model Chart
   Small Form Factor PCs by CPU and Features (Graphics, LAN, Slot I/O, Storage)   
  Fanless Embedded Value Series High Performance Core i Series GPU Intensive Series ARM / Other Series
Apollo / Gemini Lake Bay Trail   Kaby / Coffee Lake-S Skylake-S chipset   Multi Display Series   ARM + Android/Linux
J4105AEL2/4005AE New! J1900AE/AEL2 New!   B250G B250  B150V3 B150   1U-12DP Radeon 7750x2    X9-LX    SIM+Serial  X9-2HDMI
DP+HDMI,PCIe,2LAN,2COM 2HDMI,PCIe,2LAN,COM   H270L2 H270  2DP+HDMI, 2LAN,6COM, x16   1U Core i7/i5 12xDP ATI Eyefinity x2   Runs Linux/Android Dual Display
  Nano-N3450C $179 J1900AL2 6COM   B360L2 B360 B150L2 B150   1750C-6DP/8DP ATI / Nvidia   X9-IN X9   A17+Mali T764
   Nano-N3450G Fanless 2LAN SIM HDMI/VGA,mSATA   2HDMI+2LAN 4COM M.2 x16 DP+HDMI, 2LAN, 4COM, M.2   Core i7/i5, 6/8DP 4K Graphics, 2LAN   HDMI-input/Output GigaLAN+11ac 5.1 OS
Nano-J3455L2 2LAN i39F-J1900 Fanless   Z370L2 Z370 i1000Q10 Q170   G330-6DP G300/G302F    X10 5.1 11ac Giga  X10-mini SIM, 6.0
i43F  HDMI+DP Fanless HDMI+VGA,2LAN+2COM,SIM   DP+2HDMI 2LAN NVMe x16 vPro 2LAN DP+HDMI x16   i7/i5 + AMD-7750 i5+GT730 2DP+HDMI   64bit A53 + 4C-GPU HDMI 2.0,LAN+WiFi,TF
J4205E/J3455E TPM J1900P legacy   Nano Kaby Lake-u Nano Kaby Lake-u   i2309-i7/i5 Nvidia GTX950   X7 2G+16G X7-mini 2G+8G
PCIe,COM,HDMI+DVI+VGA PCI, VGA, PS/2, Printer COM   Nano-7100D Fanless Nano-6200D Fanless   6th Gen. i7/i5, 2HDMI+DP, Nvidia 4K   4C-A9+4C-GPU,LAN,WiFi,BT,SD,S/PDIF 4.2
  Atom-Cherry Trail Other Bay Trail   DP+HDMI M.2 2COM Core i3 DP+HDMI M.2 2COM Core i5   i2310-i7 Nvidia GTX960M    X6 1G+8G U9 2G+16G HDMI 2.0
Nano-Z83 Linux Nano-J1900L2 2LAN   Nano-5A i3/i5/i7 Nano-6100C Fanless   i7-6700HQ, DP+HDMI+Type-C 2M.2+2.5"   A5+Mali GPU 4.4/5.1 A53+Mali GPU, 6.0 OS
HDMI+VGA,COM,Linux+Win Nano-J1900L4 4LAN   HDMI+VGA i3/i5/i7 1/2LAN HDMI+VGA mSATA 2COM i3   X299L2  Core i9 GeForce / Quadro   U1 2G+16G HDMI 2.0 64-bit CPU
Nano-Z83-4 $169 J1900L4 4LAN   i61F Fanless Nano-3855B/6100B   Core-X with Graphics Cards   Mali 450 GPU, 5.1 Android, WiFi-ac+GigaLAN
4G+32G HDMI+DP Win10 J1900L6 6LAN   2DP+VGA 2LAN, 2COM, mSATA DP/HDMI 2LAN COM SIM M.2   AMD Ryzen AM4 Series   Other Products
Nano-Z83B 4G LTE J1800A1/1900A1   i700C / P / i3 NUC i80 NUC   X370B Radeon R-series   Suma 800
HDMI+VGA,SIM, USB Audio J1900AE4 PCIe x4   Nano-3865A 2.5"SSD DP+HDMI mSATA+miniPCIe   HDMI+DVI PCIe x16 Slot M.2 Type-C    8HD 112TB NAS/iSCSI
Nano-Z83E UPS Nano-J1900A eMMC   Haswell / Others Other Skylake-S   B350G Radeon R-series   RAID-5 ServerStorage
4G+32G 1hr battery, Linux Nano-N2807 Fanless   H8100L2 H81 H110L2 H110   DP+HDMI PCIe x16 Slot M.2 WiFi-ac   Small, Fast, Quiet
  Atom-Cedarview Braswell   HDMI+VGA+DVI 2LAN 6COM 2DP/HDMI, 2LAN,6COM, x16   B350C Radeon R-series   OPS-7000
  N2600-10A PCIe1x N3150D NGC-1   B8500L4 B85 H110L2C12 H110   2HDMI PCIe x16 Slot M.2 WiFi-ac   OPS-J1900,Z83,X9
HDMI+VGA, PCIe+mSATA, COM i41F-N3160 Fanless   4LAN,4DIMM,2miniPe,x8 slot 2LAN 12COM DP+HDMI+VGA   Other GPU Series   600T 2-in-1 PC
2600L2 6COM Nano-N3160V3 3Display   i7-5500FL2 Fanless i1000A10 H110   Nano-A6/A4 Radeon 8250    Twin MiniPC i7/i5
2LAN 6COM miniPCIe+PCI Nano-3160L2V3 2LAN   2HDMI 2LAN 2mSATA 2mPCIe HDMI+VGA,S/PDIF,COM   Kabini A6-5000, HDMI+DVI, mSATA   independent run
2550L2D 2LAN Nano-N3160L2B COM   X-D1540L4 Xeon H110AL2 H110   Nano-GX415 Radeon 8330   1U-1000T Twin
2LAN, HDMI+VGA, PCIe, COM N3150G/N3700G   2x10G+2LAN 4xDDR4 NVMe Slim,2LAN,4COM, PCIe 4x   Kabini A4-5000, HDMI+DP, mSATA   mini 1U 2Servers
  525iD legacy N3050A1/N3150A1   C3758L4/3758T C3000 i1000H10 H170   ION4-v2 Nvidia GT730   PoE4000 4/8Port
VGA,PS/2,PCI,COM,LPT,mSATA SPDIF, HDMI+VGA, COM, mSATA   4LAN/2x10G 4xDDR4 NVMe HDMI 2.0+DP,COM,2M.2+x4   Celeron, HDMI+DVI, mSATA, COM, SIM   Power over Ethernet

Find Product by Form Factor     We offer over 1000 small form factor products, please contact us for details of other models not listed.
Hints: The model No. represents the size of the chassis, bigger No. is bigger size, 10/30/40: Sheet metal series 100/300/400/500/1000+: Aluminum Series

Nano Series
Ultra Small, mSATA
10 Series
mSATA + 2.5" HD
100F Fanless Series
Single Body Heatsink
Fanless top cover
1.5" H x 8.1 x 8.1
1000 Series  
i1000A10 H110 Core i5/i3/P6
i1000Q10 Q170 vPro Core i7
i1000H10 H170 Skylake
1.9"H x 8.1W x 7.9
2000 Series
i2309 i7/i5+GTX950M Nvidia
i2306 i5+GT730
i2306A i5+GT730+DVD
mSATA + 2.5" HD
A=Slim DVD B=Basic w/o DVD D=5.25" Bay S=3.5" Swap HD N=Multiple HD for NAS R=Riser Slot
1.75" 175C
1750A Slim DVD
1750R w/RISER Slot
1750F Fanless Series
1750C for Multi HDs
175 Series (1U height)
1.75"H x 8.1 x 8 D
1750 Series
1.75"H x 12.25W x 8 D
2.1" 30/300
30/300A Slim DVD
30B/300B Basic w/o DVD
30R/300R w/ RISER Slot
300F Fanless Series
3000B w/RISER Slot
30 Series Sheet Metal
2.1"H x 7.5 x 7.5
300 Series Aluminum
2.2"H x 8.1 x 8.1
12.25" Width, Rackmount-able
2.6" 40/400
40A/400A Slim DVD
40B/400B Basic w/o DVD
400R RISER for Slim PCs
400S Swap HD
450A 1 or 2 DVD
40 Series Sheet Metal
2.6"H x 7.5 x 7.5
400 Series Aluminum
2.6"H x 8.1 x 8.1
3.5" 50/500
50/500A DVD+LP Slot
50/500B LP or RISER Slot
50/500C LCD Control
50/500D 5.25"DVD
500F Dust Filter
50 Series: 3.5"x 8 x 8.9D
500 Series:3.5"x 8.1 x 8.1
Low-Profile or RISER Slot
upto 4x2.5" or 1x3.5" HD
other/odd size
550PS AC Power
550C Series extra height
600A Series Full Height Slot
600T 2PCs in 1Box
650D Series Taller for Drives
5000 More Slots & Bays
2U 3.5"Hx13Wx8.1D


Mini Storage Server Series
500D4 4x2.5" Swap
700D3 2x5"/3x3.5" Swap
730D5 5x3.5" Swap
740N5B/740N6 5+1/6x Swap
800N 8x3.5" Swap
860N10 10x3.5" Swap
Mini 1U 12.9" Short Rackmount Models
1U-1000T TwinServers 1U-1000S 2x2.5"Swap HD 1U-1000D w/5" DVD 1U-1000U Basic 1U
8.1"depth Mini Rack NAS / iSCSI / Servers
2U-5000L48 Basic 2U 2012B 2U 12x3.5"Swap HD

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