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ODM/OEM Small Form Factor PCs
x86 compatible for a variety of applications. In addition to general-purpose computing, Small form factor PCs are designed for Digital Signage, Kiosk , POS, Surveillance, Digital Home, Set top box, Network Appliance, System Control, Security, Medical Equipment and Automotive applications.
Mini-PC Model Chart
      Small Form Factor PCs by CPU and Features (Graphics, LAN, Slot I/O, Storage)      
Fanless Series     Intel Core       GPU Intensive      
Low-voltage PC i Series Series
   Atom   Bay Trail  Braswell  Apollo Lake   Haswell Skylake Model chipset   Other Series / ARM/Android
10A-N2600P J1800/1900A1
i1000A10 H110  i1000H10 H170   1750C-6 /8DP ATI / NVIDIA X9     X9-LX  X9-2HDMI
2miniPCIe+PCIe/PCI N3050/3150A1 DP+HDMI,4COM mSATA+Slot Skylake HDMI2.0+DP 4K 60Hz Core i7/i5, 6/8 DP 4K Graphics, 2LAN 4C-A17+Mali T7, 11ac WiFi, TF, GigaLAN
   2600L2 J1900L2 i1000Q10/Q170A         Q170 H110AL2 H110 Slim nettop i2309-i7/i5 GTX950 X9-IN U1 2G+16G HDMI 2.0
 525T-30B 2LAN,6COM,PCI Slot 2LAN,2COM,PCI Slot vPro, 2LAN, 4COM, DP+HDMI Slim vPro with PCIe Slot
6th Gen. i7/i5, 2HDMI+DP, NVIDIA 4K HDMI-input 4C A53 Mali 450, 5.1 OS
  J1900AL2 N3150G/N3700G   B8500L4 H81/
H270L2 H270 G330-6DP G320-6DP  X7 2G+16G  X7mini 2G+8G
 http://www.polywell.com/us/oem/itxcase/ITX-300/300B425.jpg 2LAN,6COM,SIM DP+HDMI+DVI PCIe 4LAN,4DIMM,2miniPe,x8 slot  2LAN,2HDMI+DVI Kaby Lake i7/i5 + AMD-7750 i5+AMD-E6760 4C-A9+4C-GPU, LAN, WiFi, BT, SD, S/PDIF
J1900L4 (4LAN) J3455E/J4205E H8100L2 H81 H110L2 H110 G310-4DP G300 2DP+HDMI X5 1G+16G X10 64-bit 5.1
J1900L6 (6LAN) ApolloLake PCIe slot 2LAN,6COM,2miniPCIe,x16 2DP+HDMI,6COM,PCIe 16x i5+Radeon E6460 Core i5+GT730 2C-A9+4C-GPU, LAN, WiFi, BT, SD, S/PDIF
Nano Series Nano-J1900L4 Nano-N3450C Apollo PCMag Editors' Choice
B150  B250G B250 Slim desktop 1U-12DP Radeon 7750x2  X6 1G+8G Z83-4 Windows 10
4LAN,2-bypass,COM type-c,TF, mSATA,11ac 2LAN, 4COM,16x,M.2,Me DP+HDMI, M.2 PCIe 16x 1U Core i7/i5 12xDP ATI Eyefinity x2 4C-A5+4C-GPU Intel 4G+32G, HDMI+DP
Nano-J1900L2 Nano-N3160L2V3    X9900L2 X99 Q170L2 Q170 ION4-10 NVIDIA GT630 Z64W Intel+Windows 10
  2LAN, 2COM, SIM 2LAN, 2HDMI+DP, COM Extreme i7, 2LAN, DDR4 2LAN, DP+HDMI+DVI, vPro Celeron, HDMI+DVI, mSATA, COM, 3G 4C-Z3735F,2G+32G,LAN,WiFi,BT,SDG,LAN,WiFi,BT,SD 
Nano-J1900B Nano-3150v3 Fanless Series H110L2F Fanless B8500L4F B85   ION3-10 ION2-10
600T 2-in-1
  HDMI+VGA,COM,mSATA DP+2HDMI,COM,SIM slot   Socket-S Fanless with Slot 4LAN,4DIMM,2miniPe,x8 Celeron+ NV GT610 Atom+ NV GT218  Twin MiniPC i7/i5
Z83-4 HDMI+DP N3150D (NGC-1) i5-4200FL Haswell X-D1540L4 8C Xeon E450T-10B ATI HD6320  independent run
  2G+32G Win10 $169 DP+HDMI,4G+128G SSD i7-5500FL2 Fanless 2L+2x10Gbit, 4xDDR4  AMD AthlonII, HDMI+VGA,mSATA  2LAN load balance
  Z83 HDMI+VGA Nano-N3160L2B OPS-6000/7000 Skylake i61B Kaby Lake A8-4DP FM2 A8-6500 1U-1000T Twin
  2G RAM+64G eMMC 2LAN, HDMI+VGA, COM   7th,6th gen. i7/i5/i3/Celeron DP+HDMI, M.2+mSATA 4 DP Eyefinity Radeon 8570    mini 1U 2Servers
  Z64 (Bay Trail Atom) i43F N3450 Apollo Nano Series Nano-7100D Kaby Lake Nano-3855 Skylake Nano Series Nano-A6/A4 Radeon 8250
  2G+32G Win10 $155 2LAN,DP+HDMI,COM (ultra small) Nano-6200D DP+HDMI 6th gen. celeron DP+HDMI (ultra small) Kabini A6-5000, HDMI+DVI, mSATA 6HD 36TB NAS/iSCSI
  Nano-J2900B i39B J1900 Bay Trail    Nano-6100C HDMI+VGA Nano-i80 Skylake   Nano-GX415 Radeon 8330 PoE4000 4/8Port
  HDMI+VGA,COM HDMI+VGA,COM,mSATA NUC-i56/76 6th Gen. DP+HDMI, mSATA, miniE, SD Kabini A4-5000, HDMI+DP, mSATA Power over Ethernet

Find Product by Form Factor     Over 1000 small form factor products, here are some typical Series for reference, please call for details

Nano Series
Ultra Small, mSATA
10/100 Series
mSATA + 2.5" HD
175C Series 1.75"x8x8

PCIe Card supported
1000 Series
i1000A8 Q170A2-200
i1000Q10 Q170A-200
i1000H10 H170A-200
i1000A12 H110A2-200
200 Series
1.97"x7.7x8.1w support add-on
2000 Series
i2308 i7/i5+GTX750/650
i2309 i7/i5+GTX950

i2308A w/DVD/Bluray
1.5"x7.7x7.9" mSATA + 2.5" HD
A=Slim DVD B=Basic w/o DVD D=5.25" Bay S=3.5" Swap HD N=Multiple HD for NAS R=Riser Slot
30 Series Sheet Metal
30/300A DVD for Atom
30B/300B Basic w/o DVD
30R/300R RISER for Atom
300F Fanless Series
3000B w/RISER Slot
2.1"H x 7.5 x 7.5
2.2"H x 8.1 x 8.1 2.25" Width,Rackmount-able
40 Series Sheet Metal
40A/400A DVD for Slim
40B/400B Basic w/o DVD
400R RISER for Atom
400S Swap HD
450A 1 or 2 DVD
2.6"H x 7.5 x 7.5
400 Series Aluminum
2.6"H x 8.1 x 8.1
50 Series: 3.5"x 8 x 8.9D
50/500A DVD+LP Slot
50/500R 2x HD Bay
50/500C LCD Control
50/500D 5.25"DVD
500F Dust Filter
500 Series 3.5"x 8.1 x 8.1
Low-Profile or RISER Slot
upto 4x2.5" or 1x3.5" HD
550PS AC Power
550C Series extra height
600A Series Full Height Slot
600T 2PCs in 1Box
650D Series Taller for Drives
5000 More Slots & Bays
2U 3.5"Hx13Wx8.1D


Mini Storage Server Series
500D4 4x2.5" Swap
700D3 2x5"/3x3.5" Swap
730D5 5x3.5" Swap
740N5B/740N6 5+1/6x Swap
800N 8x3.5" Swap
860N10 10x3.5" Swap
Mini 1U 12.9" Short Rackmount Models
1U-1000T TwinServers 1U-1000S 2x2.5"Swap HD 1U-1000D w/5" DVD 1U-1000U Basic 1U
8.1"depth Mini Rack NAS / iSCSI / Servers
2U-5000L48 Basic 2U 2012B 2U 12x3.5"Swap HD

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