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Polywell Infotainment Server Reference Design - Total Home Digital Entertainment Experience

The Polywell Infotainment Server Reference Design is a feature-rich, highly integrated, digital entertainment device that supports the latest DVD-Movies and DVD-Audio in full six and eight-channel surround sound. The Polywell Infotainment Server is the ideal complete entertainment device for the living room with time shift TV viewing, video on demand, karaoke and digital photo viewing, as well as full PC functionality.

With ultra-low power consumption, application flexibility and networking functionalities the Polywell Infotainment Server is the ideal networking gateway enabling Total Connectivity in the home through high bandwidth or wireless connections and enables Internet browsing and E-mail functionalities. In addition, the Polywell Infotainment Server allows full PVR functions and comprehensive management of content such as broadcasting and backup of audio and video content.

The Polywell Infotainment Server features an attractive, stylish and low-profile design with consumer electronics-like quiet operation and provides user-friendly operation from the comfort of the sofa with a standard remote control.

The uniqueness of the Polywell Infotainment Server reference design lies in the combination of enhanced performance with the unbeatable range of audio and video format support and the expansive connectivity options that perfectly fit consumers requirements and take home entertainment to unprecedented levels.


The Polywell Infotainment Server reference design incorporates many of the VIA building block technologies that characterize the compact yet highly integrated specification of our platform solutions.

VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard (VIA VT6026B)
At the heart of the Polywell Infotainment Server reference design is the VIA VT6026B, one of VIA's small, ultra-compact, native x86 EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards. Measuring just 17cm x 17cm, the highly integrated mainboard is feature-rich, providing graphics and audio support, advanced Ethernet and wireless connectivity for home networking and rich I/O integration for multiple high-speed peripheral connections.

The VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard, designed for small form factor applications is the key platform for building digitally intelligent entertainment devices for the living room as it meets the technical, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements of this demanding market, containing technology that offers enormous flexibility, yet affordable enough to form the basis of a whole range of connected digital media devices.

VIA C3™ and VIA Eden ESP7000 processors
The VIA VT6026B offers system builders and integrator a choice between the low power VIA C3™ for more demanding digital multimedia applications or fanless VIA Eden™ ESP7000 processors with "Nehemiah" core integration. Based on the advanced CoolStream™ architecture, the VIA C3 and VIA Eden ESP7000 deliver improved performance for running digital media applications with reduced power consumption and effective heat dissipation. This provides the ideal solution for powering a wide variety of low profile, small form factor entertainment devices and enables low noise designs for the emerging new generation of living room digital media entertainment devices.

VIA CLE266 North Bridge
The VIA VT6026B mainboard reference design features the VIA CLE266 chipset with a fully integrated video processing set, integrated UniChrome™ 2D/3D graphics engine and an ultra efficient VIA DDR memory controller. The VIA CLE266 North Bridge supports flawless DVD playback of 30fps from its integrated hardware MPEG-2 decoder with video scaling for high quality DVD acceleration. In addition, it also supports Alpha Blending, CRT, LCD or TV dual display technology, two Video Capture ports and Picture in Picture functionality for multi-channel capability.

Rich I/O Connectivity and Additional Features
Ethernet capability and wireless support enables home networking, while USB2.0 and IEEE 1394 (Firewire) provides high-speed connectivity to bandwidth-hungry peripherals such as digital cameras and digital video cameras. In addition, S/PDIF In and S/PDIF Out and a card reader allow connectivity to multi-channel speakers and a wide range of smartcards. The native x86 compatibility ensures that the Polywell Infotainment Server runs a complete range of Microsoft® Windows® 2K/ME/XP and a variety of Linux-based operating systems.

The uniqueness of the VIA Infotainment Reference Design lies in the combination of enhanced performance with the unbeatable range of audio and video format support and the expansive connectivity options that perfectly fit consumers' requirements for entertainment options.

Features and Benefits

Stylish, Compact Chassis
Polywell Infotainment Server features a stylish, small form, low profile design that compliments other consumers-like electronic devices for the living room. It conforms to standard TV cabinet dimensions and is slim enough to be used as part of a Hi-Fi stack in the absence of a TV cabinet.

Ultra Low Power Consumption, Cool and Quiet Running
Featuring ultra-low power consumption, cool and quiet running while delivering improved performance for digitally demanding applications, the Polywell Infotainment Server proves to be the ideal solution for the next generation digitally intelligent device. These features are also particularly important considering its versatility as a home networking device that needs to run 24 hours with the ultimate reliability.

Ultimate Entertainment
The Polywell Infotainment Server combines the latest and most powerful audio and video technologies with a rich set of I/O communication technologies, providing high-speed and seamless connectivity to the widest range of peripheral devices enabling home networking, the sharing and management of digital content and the ultimate entertainment experience.

Home Networking
The Polywell Infotainment Server acts as the a gateway supporting fixed and wireless home networks, providing consumers flexibility and making it the perfect solution for starting up their own Totally Connected Home.

VIA VT6026B Reference Mainboard Specification Overview

» VIA C3™ processor
» VIA Eden ESP processor
» Internal L1 128KB and L2 64KB cache memory
Chipset » CLE266 North Bridge
» VIA VT8235 Integrated South Bridge
» High Bandwidth V-Link Client Controller
Display » Integrated AGP8X graphics core
» Integrated MPEG-2/1 decoder
» Expandable option for inclusion of MPEG-4 encode and decoding through PCI card
DRAM » Support one PC2100 / PC1600 DDR SDRAM
» Support 4 banks up to 2GB DRAMs
» 33 MHz operation
» PCI to system memory data streaming up to132 Mbps
» PCI compliant to 2.2 Specification
» 32bit
» 3.3V PCI interface with 5V inputs
IDE » VIA VT8235 supports four enhanced IDE devices
» Supports Ultra DMA 133/100/66/33
VIA Vinyl™ Gold 8-channel Audio » VIA Vinyl Envy24PT PCI Audio Controller (VIA VT1720)
» AC'97 (VIA VT1616)
» 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
» Wolfson DAC 2 channel WM8728 Code
VIA Vinyl™ 6-channel Audio » VIA Vinyl Envy 24PT PCI Audio Controller (VT1724)
» AC'97 (VIA VT1616)
» 5.1 Channel (or AKM AK4586) Codec.
» VIA Vinyl Envy24PT PCI Audio Controller (VT1720)
Audio S/PDIF Out
» Two S/PDIF Out
» VIA VT1616 Audio Codec
Audio S/PDIF In

» Two SPDIF In: Optical In and RCA type Connector
» CIRRUS CS8415A or AKM AK4586 (S/PDIF In Controller
LAN » VIA VT8235 Standard MII interface to external PHY ceiver
» VIA VT6103 Enthernet PHY
» Support Ethernet 10/100 Mbit

» Six Port USB Controller for USB2.0 and USB1.1 Compatible
» Two on-board USB ports and four USB pin headers
IEEE 1394
» VIA VT6307S with integrated 400Mbit 2-Port PHY
» Two IEEE 1394 pin headers
TV Out
» VIA VT1622A/M TV Out Controller
» Simultaneous S-Video and Composite
» SCART RGB output pin header
» Support 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
LCD Interface One LVDS interface for LCD
Keyboard Controller Internal keyboard controller in VIA VT8235 supports PS/2 keyboard and mouse pin header
Other I/O Ports One 15-pin External Monitor Connector
Clock generator Clock generator ICS 950908
Real Time Clock VIA VT8235 Internal RTC with external battery
Hardware Monitor Winbond W83L784
Power Support ATX type power supply

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