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Award-winning realtime editing platforms

All four DigiSuite platforms share the same award-winning mix/effects engine and advanced productivity features that have made them the best-selling realtime editing platforms on the PC. And they are compatible with more digital media applications than any other realtime editing platform. You can choose from a wide variety of editing, compositing, paint, animation, scheduling, CG, audio sweetening, and DVD authoring software from the industry's leading software vendors.

DigiSuite is ideal for intense post-production work. It delivers uncompressed-quality images and the most realtime editing power.

DigiSuite LE is our value-priced platform with a unique combination of image quality and versatility for facilities that use a variety of analog and digital formats.

DigiSuite DTV offers native DV, DV50, and MPEG-2 multi-format editing with built-in support for DVD authoring.

DigiSuite LX offers native DV and MPEG-2 editing with built-in support for DVD authoring, at a great price.

Whichever DigiSuite platform you choose, you'll discover that you have an editing system that's so easy-to-use, so reliable, and so powerful that you can take on all the projects you've ever dreamed of, and still have a life outside the editing suite.
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