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Professional video editing to the Power of X

RT2500 Effects Demo
The "REAL" realtime video editing power of Matrox RT2500 gives you the creative freedom to experiment. Add 3D effects and transitions, design eye-catching graphics and titles, customize your effects – you can do it all. Instantly.

And there's no penalty for changing your mind. It's fast, it's easy, and you get exactly the look you want, every time.

Whether you're creating corporate promos, digital films, interactive training, wedding videos, or home movies, Matrox RT2500 is right for you.
REAL realtime editing
Matrox RT2500 offers more professional features than any other video editing card in its class. You work with two video streams and a graphics layer, simultaneously. Add particle effects, 3D tiles, distortion effects, 2D and 3D DVE, and transparency effects – in real time, NO RENDERING!

Edit once, deliver anywhere
Matrox RT2500 lets you work with all the input/ output connections and formats you'll need to get the most from your editing system. Capture from analog or DV tape. Edit once, then output anywhere. Deliver on tape, DVD, CD, and the web.
Key Features
• True three-layer realtime editing - two video layers plus a graphics layer simultaneously.
• Realtime, broadcast-quality, keyframeable 3D digital video effects powered by Matrox Flex 3D.
• Realtime, keyframeable colorization controls color, contrast, and brightness for image correction.
• Native DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, and MPEG-2 editing.
• Matrox SinglePass™ automated, realtime DV scan and capture.
• Analog and digital video input/output - Y/C, composite, 1394
• Matrox TurboDV ™ scalable DV export engine
• Accelerated MPEG-2 output for DVD and Super Video CD (SVCD) authoring.
• Accelerated MPEG-1 output for multimedia and Video CD (VCD) authoring.
• RealVideo, Windows Media, and QuickTime output for web video streaming.
• 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen editing
• Turbo-charged multi-layer compositing engine.
• Advanced productivity tools
• Complete content creation software bundle
PCI interface RT2500 3/4 size PCI codec card
Regulatory compliance FCC Class B, CE Mark Class B

Video Features
Inputs 1394 6-pin
composite video (CVBS), RCA jack
S-video (Y/C), mini-DIN
Outputs 1394 6-pin
composite video (CVBS), RCA jack
S-video (Y/C), mini-DIN
Video formats ITU-R601 YUV 4:2:2
NTSC: 720x480 at 30 frames/sec
PAL/SECAM: 720x576 at 25 frames/sec
4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
Video overlay programmable NTSC and PAL video-in-a-window support on console at 60/50 fields/sec

Audio Features
Genlock to video SMPTE-272M and AES11-1991 compliant
Analog audio I/O unbalanced stereo I/O (1pair RCA in, 1 pair RCA out)
Sampling method 16 bit, 48 kHz, 128X oversampling

Video Codec
Multi-format C-Cube DVxpress-MX25 codec supports single stream capture and dual-stream playback
DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, NTSC 4:1:1, PAL 4:1:1 and 4:2:0
MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-Frame from 10 to 25 Mbps
MPEG-2 MP@ML IBP output
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