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Fanless Systems
Naturally cool. Always quiet.

Polywell's fanless PCs are ideal for situations that call for quiet operations, or for applications with minimum maintenance requirements. These include:

- Entertainment systems
- Digital signage
- Healthcare

With a large selection of options and features to choose from, you can create your perfect solution here.

    High Performance Series            
    X-D1540L2/L4   C2758L4   i7-5500FL2   B8500L4F   Q8700L2F
    Xeon D1540 processor
Aspeedl AST2400 Graphics
2 x Gigabit + Optional 2 x 10Gbit LAN
PCIe 16x 3.0 + M.2 Slots
  8Core C2758 2.4GHz Processor
TPM, 2COM ports
4 Intel GigaLAN+IPMI
6x SATA, 1x PCIe 8x Slot
  Intel® Core i7 Broadwell
Intel® HD 6000 Series Graphics
4K Graphics 2HDMI
  Haswell Core i7/i5
4 or 8 x Intel GigaLAN
2 SATA-6G/s Ports + mSATA
  Intel vPro Haswell Core i7/i5
16x RISER for Graphics or LAN Expansion
PCIe x8 3.0 + 2 miniPCIe Slots
2 SATA-6G/s Ports + mSATA
    Nano Series            
    N2810   Nano-F55   Nano-E3815   NANO-GX415   4200FL
    N2810 / N3520   Nano-F55   Nano-E3815/J1900   NANO-GX415   i5-4200FL
    - Celeron N2810 2.0GHz
- Pentium N3520 2.42GHz
- HDMI + VGA Dual Display
- GigaLAN, Optional WiFi+BT
- Mini PCIe + mSATA
  Intel® Core i5/i7/i3 with 4K Graphics
miniPCIe+mSATA, Fanless PC
  - Atom SOC or Celeron J1900
- GigaLAN, SIM Card Slot, COM
- Half Size Mini PCIe,
- Onboard eMMC
  - AMD Kabini GX-415GA
  QuadCore 1.5GHz APU
- HDMI + DP Dual Display
- 4K Display Support
- GigaLAN, Optional WiFi+BT
- 2x MiniPCIe, mSATA (Half Size) - 2x USB3.0
  - Core i5-4200u 1.6/2.6GHz
  HD5000 Series, HDMI+VGA
- 4K Display Support
- GigaLAN, Optional WiFi+BT, up to 32GB DDR3
- 2x SATA3, mSATA, MiniPCIe, USB3.0
    Slim Series            
    100F   10A-N2600   Nano-N3150V3   H8100J   i7-4010FL2
    100F / 100F2   10A-N2600   Nano-N3150V3   300F2   i3-4010FL2
    i7/i5/i3 Mobile Series
HD4000, DVI + VGA + HDMI
GigaLAN, Optional WiFi+BT
  Mobile Atom N2600 1.6GHz
GigaLAN, Optional WiFi+BT
MiniPCIe + mSATA + COM header
  Fanless Intel® Braswell Platform Triple Display
8th Generation 4K Graphics
Mini PCIe + mSATA Slots
  i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Bay Trail
HD5000 Series, 4K Display Option, HDMI+VGA, COM
GigaLAN, up to 32GB DDR3
2x SATA, 2x MiniPCIe (supports mSATA), USB3.0
  Intel® Core i3, 6COM
Intel® HD5000 Graphics 2xHDMI 4K Display
mSATA+MiniPCIe, Dust Free
    Braswell / Cherry Trail        
    NGC-1   N3050   N3150   N3700G   Nano-Z83
    NGC Series   N3050   N3150   N3700G   Nano-Z83

NGC-1 Windows Fanless Player
NGC-1LX Linux Fanless Player

  N3050A1 Braswell
N3050C2 Braswell
  N3150A1 Braswell
N3150AC2 Braswell
N3150C2 Braswell
N3150G Braswell
  N3700G Braswell   Atom Z8300 Cherry Trail,
8th Gen. HD, HDMI+VGA
    Other Features            
    Nano-N3700L2   2550L4   J1900AC2   J1900L4   Nano-1900L2
    Nano-N3700L2   2550L4   J1900AC2   J1900L4   Nano-1900L2
    Intel® 8th Generation 4K
Graphics, 2HDMI, 2LAN
miniPCIe+mSATA, 4USB 3.0,
  Atom D2550 1.86GHz
4x Intel GigaLAN
  Celeron 4-Core 2.41 GHz
2x COM Port
  Quad Core Bay Trail with 4 LAN
for Network Appliance
One full size mini-PCIe slot
  Intel® Quad Core Celeron™ with
2 LAN HDMI+VGA 7th Gen
Graphics, COM Ports


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