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Get the most out of Windows® Vista with Polywell!
Polywell: The source for all your Essential Vista needs

NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs are essential for accelerating the Windows® Vista experience by offering an enriched 3D user interface, increased productivity, vibrant photos, smooth, high-definition videos, and realistic games.  To fully experience Windows Vista, Microsoft and other industry experts recommend using a PC that is 10 times more powerful than those required by previous generations of Windows®. NVIDIA® nForce®-based PCs deliver the uncompromising performance, quality and reliability essential for the full Windows® Vista experience.
  Intel® CPU
Poly i790SLI3
Quad SLI

from $3899
•Intel® Core™2 Quad Extreme
•Up to 4GB DDR3 2000MHz Memory
•Supports Quad SLI
•GeForce™ GTX 280 Graphics
Poly i750SLI
Dual SLI

from $1399
•Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU
•Up to 4GB DDR2 800MHz Memory
•Supports SLI
•GeForce® GTX 280 Graphics
Poly 8200B
Hybrid SLI

from $799
•AMD Phenom™ X4
•Up to 16GB DDR2 1066MHz
•Supports Hybrid SLI
•Fanless GeForce® 8500GT Graphics
MiniBox 7050A - Quiet&Small
HDMI+VGA, Fanless Power Supply

from $1399
•Athlon™64 X2 Dual-Core CPU
•Up to 4GB DDR2 800 Memory
•Up to 2TB of storage
•Fanless GeForce® 8600GT Graphics
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