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High Performance Cloud Computing Solution

PolyBlade 410
4U 10Blade 120-way 6-Core
Dual Xeon or Opteron per Blade (Mixable)
2 x HD, 1 PCIe Riser per Blade


Featured Highlights
120-way Xeon® or Opteron processors
  Maximum 10 independent blades, high density
Dual 6-Core Processor per Blade, Xeon and Opteron Mixable
Supports up 4 SATA hard drive, RAID 0, 1 , 10 per blade.
Two Integrated Giga LAN per blade
One PCI Express* 2.0 x16 or x8
1x 275W high efficiency PS per blade




 Recommended Models
  $23,995 PolyBlade 410X 80-way Xeon 120GB
4U 10Blade Rack Enclosure
60 x DDR3 ECC 2GB Registered Memory
500G 7200RPM SATA2.5"
  $34,500 PolyBlade 410A 120-way Opteron 160GB
4U 10Blade Rack Enclosure
80 x DDR3 ECC 2GB Registered Memory
500G 7200RPM SATA2.5"


PolyServer 2U 4 Blade
(48-way Xeon with 12 Drives)

PolyServer 1U 2 Blade
(24-way Xeon 8 Drives)
(24-way Opteron 8 Drivers)

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