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Poly Raxx
Rack Servers
Model: PolyRaxx 1104MS-560
1U, 4xSAS/SATA, 560W P/S

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Form Factor:21.95" Depth 1U Rackmount Chassis - support for maximum motherboard size of 12" x 13"
Processor Support:Support Dual Intel® Xeon®, Intel® Celeron® 400 series (Conroe-L), Intel® Pentium® D, Single / Dual AMD Opteron™
Dimensions: 1.7"(43mm)H X 16.8" (426mm)W X 21.95" (558mm)D     35 lbs (15.9kg)
Slot: 1x Full-height, Full-length AOC expansion slot
Drive Bays:
4x Hot-swap 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD trays
Recommended for SAS or enterprise SATA HDD only
Backplane: 1U 2.5" SAS / SATA HDD backplane

DVD-ROM:Slim DVD-ROM Drive (optional)

System Cooling:
3x 40x56mm Counter Rotating Fans
2x 40x28mm fans for add-on card (optional)
Front Panel:
Power On/Off button
System Reset button
Power status LED
HDD activity LED
2x Network activity LEDs
Power Supply:560W AC to DC power supply w/ PFC
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