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Poly Raxx
Rack Servers
Model: PolyRaxx 5048AIS
5U 48 Swap HD Bays

Chassis Highlights


Dim:19"W x 34"D x 8.75 "H
482.6mm x 863.6mm x 222.25mm
Gross Weight: 52 kgs / 114.4 lbs
Material: Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel
Drive Bays:
48x 3.5" Hot-swap Drive Bay
Slim CD-Rom/DVD-Rom:N/A
Slim FDD:N/A
Slot:Up to 7 x PCI slots (full height, full length) (depends on the MB)
Cooling:Rear: 9 x 40 x 56mm hot-swap fans for HDD Bays + 4 x 60 x 38mm fans for MB
Indicators:Power, LAN and HDD LED’s
1350W 3+1 redundant power supply (4 x 500W modules)
System Board:12"(W) x 13"(D) SSI EEB 3.6 compliant MB or Iwill® QK8S™ Quad Opteron™ MB or 16"(W) x 13"(D) Tyan® S4882™ Quad Opteron™ MB
Temperature:0ºC(32ºF) ~ 50ºC(122ºF)
Humidity:5%~95% non-condensing
Package Dimension(W x D x H)mm: 1200 x 600 x 490
  5048AIS is designed for enterprise-level storage with its 48 top-loading hot-swappable drive bays, which support up to 36TB of data. It is also compatible to Dual and Quad processor boards.
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