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Polywell Super Cluster

64-bit Computing Platforms

PolyCluster 2200A - Application Cluster
Polywell offers its first 64bit/32bit Combo Cluster Platforms based on AMD's latest 64-bit Opteron Processor. PolyCluster 2200A is a turn-key Cluster system integrated with 64-bit Linux, MySQL Database and Web Server up to 16 Cluster Nodes in 1U 2-way Rack, which starts at $4999 per node. The PolyCluster 2200A supports load balancing as well as fail-over by utilizing dual Gigabit Ethernets, it's the first true 64-bit but also 32-bit backward compatible turn-key MySQL Cluster solution. This is the best alternative for Oracle/Solaris Cluster solution at affordable price. The PolyCluster also supports Microsoft SQL and IIS WEB Server under Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server and the latest Windows 2003 Server with Cluster Configuration.

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Other 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U Platforms

Dual Xeon or Itanium 2 Available

4-way Xeon or 4-way Opteron

1U DualAlpha, 1U SunSparc

Poly Cluster 2200B
As a leading system manufacture of 64-bit systems, Polywell introduces the PolyRaxx 2200B, a true 64-bit cluster node that is priced in-line with a 32-bit cluster node but operates on both 64-bit and 32-bit platforms without the need for expensive development and deployment. Starting at $1999, Polywell's dual processor entry-level cluster nodes enable customers to double the number of nodes and triple the performance with better price. Beowulf turn-key platform and Rendering Farm nodes are available with custom configurations.

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Polywell Offers Complete Integration, Installation, Maintenance and Consulting Services

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