Poly 2200A Rev.I Motherbaord






2200A Rev.I server board using the next generation dual core AMD Opteron™ Processor, provide Maximum 32GB System Memory, dual ports PCI-X Ethernet controller and offer server management solution.

2200A Rev.I is designed around AMD 8131™ and AMD 8111™ server I/O chipsets that provide seamless integration with dual core AMD® Opteron™ processors with 1600MT/s HyperTransport™ throughput. 2200A Rev.I supports 4 ranks memory modules and up to 32 GB DDR400 registered memory with ECC support that achieves a fine balance of memory size and price.

2200A Rev.I integrated Broadcom 5704 PCI-X interface Ethernet controller that offers dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to provide fault-tolerance and fail-over, making it the ideal motherboard for any system that operates in a highly dynamic and highly available computing environment.

On the other hand, 2200A Rev.I provides Serial ATA interface to support software RAID 0, 1 or 10. 2200A Rev.I also provides IPMI socket which can install Polywell Scorpio server management card to offer IPMI 2.0 compliant server management solution.





- Supports Single and Dual Core processors

- Supports up to Opteron 254 2.8GHz and plus

- Onboard VRD (4 Phase)


- 1600 MT/s


- AMD® 8131™ + 8111™

Main Memory

- 4+4 184-pin 2.5-Volt DDR DIMM sockets

- Four-way interleaved memory banks

- Supports DDR-400/333/266 memory

- Supports Registered ECC type memory modules only

- Supports up to 32GB

System BIOS

- 4MB Flash EEPROM with Phoenix BIOS

- I2C support

- Legacy USB support

- SMBIOS 2.3 compliant

- DMI 2.0 compliant

- Soft Power-down

- Secure Boot

- Multiple boot support


- Dual channel master mode

- Supports up to four Enhanced IDE devices

- Ultra DMA 133/100/66/33

PCI Slots

- 3 PCI-X (64bit/133/100MHz) slots

- 2 PCI (32bit/33MHz) slots


- Integrated ATI RageXL video controller with 8MB memory


- Dual ports Broadcom 5704 Gigabit Ethernet controller onboard

- Supports Fault-Tolerance and Fail-Over

Serial ATA [optional]

- Integrated Silicon Image Sil3114 Serial ATA 4 Ports

- Supports RAID 0, 1, 10

Onboard Multi I/O

- 1 + 1 (9-pin) serial ports with UART 16550

- One VGA port

- Dual RJ-45 LAN ports

- Two onboard USB1.1 connectors with Two external head

- PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors with Wake-up function

System Management

- Super I/O PC87360

- Hardware Monitor AD1026

- IPMI 2.0 compliance with Polywell Scorpio server management card (optional)

- Polywell SmartWatch server management software

M/B Size

- SSI form factor with size: 12" X 13"

- EPS 12V power connectors (24pin + 8pin)