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PolyRaxx Rack Servers Special Offer
Intel®, AMD®, Sun®, Alpha Cross Platform Internet. Intranet, Extranet Servers with Clustering, SAN, NAS for Data Center
Linux, FreeBSD®, Solaris®, Windows® SCO®, Tru64® UNIX, OpenVMS , Netware®, OS/2®, QNX
.1U Short Rack 17" Depth
.200W, 250W or 300W Power Supply
.2 x 3.5" Internal, one Slim CD-ROM Drive Bay
.Optional Front USB / Serial Ports
.Optional 32-bit or 64-bit or PCIe RISER
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
.Front mount 1U Short Rack 14" Depth
.410W DC power supply
.2x 2.5" Internal Fixed Drive Bay
.Front Panel: 2x USB,2x LAN,COM,Printer Port (Optional)
.1 x RISER Slot
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
.1U Rack 22.6" Depth
.520W High Efficiency Power Supply
  350W/260W Power Supply(Options)
.2 Hot swappable hard drive bay (SAS,SATA,SCSI )
.CD/DVD-ROM (Optional) & 2 x USB
.1x Full-size, Full-length I/O Expansion Slot
.1U 19.8 " Short Rack
.Fixed 420W AC power supply with PFC
.4x 3.5" SAS / SATA Hot-swap Drive Bay
.1x Slim CDROM Drive Bay (Optional)
.1x full-height, half-length PCI expansion slot
.Front Panel:2x Front USB Ports, 1x Serial COM Port
.1U 14" Mini Rack
.260W Power Supply
.1x 3.5" Internal Drive Bay
.1x Slim CDROM Drive and 1x Slim Floppy Drive
.1x I/O Expansion Slots
.2x Rear, 2x Front USB Ports
.1U 24.4" Depth
.Power Supply:N/A
.2 Swap Drive Bay(SATA/IDE/SCSI)
.Slim CD/FDD Bays
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
.1U 25.6" Depth
.700W Cold-Swap, 560W P/S, 650W Redundant
.4 Hot swappable hard drive bay (SCSI,SAS,SATA)
.Optional CD/DVD-ROM & Floppy Drives
.1 FF or 1 FF&LP PCI RISER Cards Supported
   Universal I/O (UIO) Card Supported
.4 Counter-Rotating Fans,Optional 5th fan bay
.1U 27.6 " Depth
.Power Supply:N/A
.4 Swap PATA, SCSI, or SATA
.Slim CD/FDD Bays
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
.1U 14" Mini 1U Appliance
.Power Supply:N/A
.Drive Bays:N/A
.Optional Front USB / Serial Ports
.Optional 32-bit or 64-bit or PCIe RISER
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
.1U 28" Depth
.Power Supply:N/A
.Accepts two Dual Xeon/Opteron M/B in 1U
.Drive Bay:N/A
.Optional 32-bit or 64-bit or PCIe RISER
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
.1U 28' Depth
.Two 180 watts ATX power supply included
.Accepts two mini-ITX MB in 1U
.2 x 3.5" Internal Drive
.Front Panel:2 DB9 ports, 2 power switches and 4 USB ports
.Optional for 2 compact flash readers.
.Support for Xeon, Core2, Athlon64
Product Description
Polywell Computers, an industry leader in Alpha, UltraSparc and Intel based systems, announces a total solution for multi-vendor cross platforms - PolyRaxx

It provides one stop support and integration for ISP or corporate business customers who have multiple platform hardware and software at affordable cost.
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