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PolyRaxx 1U2C
Poly 1U 2P Server Design
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PolyRaxx 1U2C Dual Hammer

Detail Spec in PDF 1, 2, 3

Additional Info

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Pre Production Hardware Specifications
2 AMD Opteron x86-64 Processors
Capacity: up to 16GB 333MHz DDR ECC with 8 Socket
(ECC, Registered Memory) 3.05 max. height
Installed: 2 GB (4 x 512MB) (2GB memory is not available yet)
Hard Drives
Capacity: 1-2 Hot swap U320 SCSI HDDs or 1-2 Internal SCSI/IDE HDD's
Installed: 1 x 36GB U320/U160 SCSI HDD (optional 2 x 146G)
SCSI Controller
Embedded U320 controller with integrated mirroring support (no ext. SCSI port)
2 PCI-X Expansion Slots:
1 full-length 133 Mhz/64 Bit
1 half-length 66 Mhz/64 Bit
Networl I/O 2 x Gigabit Ethernet for Network I/O (+ 2 x 100/10Mbit Ethernet for Management)
Other I/O
Internal CD-ROM & Floppy drives.
KVM Embedded SVGA video, kbd & mouse connectors.
Systems Mgmt. Embedded service processor with independent dual 10/100 Ethernet
for web based management.(see detailed features under "Systems Management below)
Front Panel LCD Enabled for Initial service Processor IP Configuration and operating status display.
Pre Production Software Specifications
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (Service Pack 3)
Microsoft .NET Server RC1 (32-bit)
Microsoft .NET Server Beta (64-bit)
Redhat 32-bit Linux V 7.2
Suse Linux 64-bit Beta
Systems Management
OS independent
"lights out" remote/headless operation
------------ Web based SSL encryption management from anywhere
------------ SSH command line interface (scriptable)
Machine check handling
Platform OS reboot, off/on, crash failure history (32-bit OS only)
System health monitoring
Enviromental management - fan, thermal, power
BIOS and service processor software update and restore capability
Remote diagnostics
Custom Configuration is our Speciality, Call 800-900-5836 or E-Mail us at sales@polywell.com
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For further information and pricing please call 1-800-999-1278 or 650-583-7222 to speak with a sales rep. You may also fax your inquiry to 650-583-1974. Product specification and price are subjected to change without further notice.
All specifications above are subject to change without prior notice.
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