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PolyRaxx 3U9P
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PolyRaxx 3U9P
3U 9-Way Cluster Server  

For years, the rapid growing Internet society has dragged focus onto the IT industry. By statistical analysis, there are users in the Internet, and this rate remains increasing by the day. Providing reliable and quick path to richest content for Internet users becomes a key factor to the success of a commercial website.

In order to construct quality services, most of the Internet Data Centers are looking for distinguished solution to meet the requirement of availability and scalability for networking, computing and storage. The name "Ultra High Dense Blade Server" comes to the need in solving the problem of a server cluster. With highly integrated design, the blade server can stack up several tens, even hundreds servers within just one 19" rack, each chassis with built-in health monitor and management tools.

PolyRaxx 3U9P appears to be the best solution for internet infrastructure with HAHD (high availability high density) and cost-effective server platform, furthermore, the PolyRaxx? is also designed to run mission critical applications in ultra-dence computing environments.
PolyRaxx 3U9P
Ultra High Dense Blade Server
PolyRaxx 3U9P:
9 blades in 3U (3 blades/U or 126 blades in a 42U cabinet)

 Intelligent CF-KVM Design
9 blade servers in one chassis share one set of KVM, CD-ROM, and Floppy

 Daisy Chain
Up to 3 chassis can be chained together for efficient centralized management

 Powerful I/O Expansion
Additional PMC for expansion, available 10/100 LAN and ultra SCSI ports. No needing to preload OS and power off system during maintenance and failure.

 Wide Selection of Applicable CPUs
Ranging from Cyrix?'s entry-level CPU, to Celeron?, to Pentium? III up to the brand new Next Generation Pentium? III

 Super Computing Power
1GHz+ processor supported

 Excellent Heat Dissipation
Under 40ˇăC ambient temp

  • 3U, 19" Rack Form factor 
  1. Super Computing Power 
  2. Powerful I/O Expansion 
  3. Scalable and Upgradable 
  4. Industrial-grade Design & Quality 
  • PolyRaxx? VIA266 Blade System Board 
  • PolyRaxxr? 815EP Blade System Board 
  • PolyKVM Integrated KVM Switch 
  • Redundant Power Supply 
  • Daisy Chain Connectivity Optional 
  • Hot-Swappable Cooling Fans 
  • Optional PolyCARE System Monitoring Management 
Many application scenarios suit the PolyRaxx? 3U9P server as below:
Corporate Server Farms
xSP Facilities
Video on Demand
Web Hosting Operations
Scientific Computing
Multiple Servers Consolidation or Business Multi-Workstation

With reference to the popular application architecture diagram below, the PolyRaxx? demonstrates the concept of a high availability, auto load balancing Internet WEB server cluster with blade systems.

Application architecture :-

Other Application Scenarios
  • Massive Parallel Processing Cluster
    An application scenario for constructing SUPERCOMPUTER which allows parallel processing at super computing speed.


  • Clustering With Fail-Over
    An application scenario for constructing reliable and scalable computing -e.g. DATABASE ENGINE, MOBILE PHONE BILLING SYSTEM, CONTENT BASED FIREWALL, etc.


  • Load Balancing Web Server
    An application scenario for constructing NON-STOP WEB HOSTING APPLICATION for xSP.

Poly Raxx 3U9P
Height 3U
Blade Server Blade-VIA266 / Blade-815EP
KVM Switch Built-in Keyboard / Mouse / VGA switch
CD-ROM / FDD Built-in Slim type of 3.5" FDD and CD-ROM
FAN Module 4 Hot-swappable cooling fans
Power Supply Total 5 Hot Swappable Redundant 250W AC power supplies, in form of (4+1) 850W output
Dimensions 436.2 (W) x 132.6 (H) x 643.15 (D) mm
Rack Cabinet Recommend to install into racks with depths of 800mm or 700mm (without rear door)
System Monitoring Optional PolyCARE module for detection of ambient temperature and fan rotary speed

Blade Boards for PolyRaxx 3U9P
Model Blade-VIA266 Blade-815EP
Blade Server HDB 32660 HDB 32650
CPU Socket 370 support Pentium? III up to 1GHz+
Chipsets VIA Apollo Pro 266 Intel? 815E
Memory Max. 3GB DDR DRAM, DIMM x3 Max. 512MB SDRAM, DIMM x2, w/o ECC
VGA SiS 305 w/8MB VRAM, support AGP mode Built-in Intel? 815E
LAN Built-in two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
HDD Support 2.5" IDE HDD
PMC One 32bit/33MHz PMC interface on board
Available PMC: 
  1. PMC SL: Ultra 160 SCSI x1 + 10/100 Base-T LAN x1 
  2. PMC 100L3: 10/100 Base-T LAN x3 
OS Support Windows? NT 4.0 Server, Windows? 2000 Server, XP, RedHat Linux 7.x, FreeBSD, Solaris 8.x, SCO Unix 7.x
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