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PolyBlade 4U20X
Main Features
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PolyBlade 4U20X
4U Rackmount blade server  

Base System Front View

Base System Rear View

Dual Xeon Blade Module

Poly Blade 4U20X is a 4U rack-mount blade server chassis designed to hold up to 20 Intel? Xeon? processors, multi-gigabit networking, hot swappable FRU (Field Replaceable Unit), seamless system management, and clutter-less cable management.
Main Features
4U Blade server chassis
Holding up to 10 server blades, two networking blade and two management blades
Powered by Intel Xeon processor, 4GB memory, onboard storage, standard PCI-X expansion slot.
KVM access and Serial console access
Four redundant hot swappable cooling fans
Remote server control and monitoring, and integrated smark KVM switch
Hot swappable 6+1 redundant modules, max 2100w output
Support 10 Gigabit Ethernet feedthru ports or 12 Gigabit Ethernet Switch ports
Server Blade Slots
10 front access slots, hot swappable
Front access module, hot swappable
Support two KVM buttons set to select KVM among chassis and server blades
Rear access module, hot swappable
Support KVM switch and chassis management function
Two rear access KVM Switch Daisy Chain ports for stacking multiple chassis to share one KVM devices
One rear access Serial Console port
One rear access Management Command port in RS232 interface or Fast Ethernet interface
Auto discover the presence of server blades
Control main power or individual power module ON/OFF, group or individual server blade power ON/OFF, Restart, or KVM switch.
Report chassis/blade status, and send alert.
Two rear access slots for redundant advance management modules
Two rear access slots for two hot swappable networking modules
OPTION1: 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports feed thru from backplane to rear panel, copper interface with 1000Mb link speed.
OPTION2: 12 Gigabit Ethernet Switch ports, copper interface with 10/100/1000Mb link speed, fibre interface with 1000Mb link speed.
4 rear access redundant hot-swappable FAN modules
6+1 rear access redundant auto load sharing modules
Input: 100~230VAC 50/60HZ auto range, 3 AC inlets
Output: 12VDC, Max 2100Watts
177mm(H) x 426mm(W) x 670mm(L)
Storage temperatures:-20ˇăC to 80ˇăC
Relative humidity:10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
Operating temperatures:5ˇăC to 35ˇăC
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