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Rack Servers
PolyServer 8801T5U
16-way Opteron™ Server/Workstation
Tower or 5U Rack with 8 x Swap SATA
PCI-X and PCI-ExpressI/Os


Featured Highlights
Support four or eight AMD® Opteron™
ATI RAGE XL PCI graphics
Automatic system fan speed control
8MB Frame Buffer of video memory

Up to eight (8) AMD® Opteron™ 800 series processors with single and dual core support, and also offers four (4) SATA hot-swap drive bays (and additional four (4) with optional add-on kit), support for up to 128GB of Registered DDR memory, dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and redundant power supply options.


 Recommended Models
$19288 PolyServer 8801T5U
8x 865 +, 32GB, 2TB
  Customize this model

Starts at $18905


Other 16/8-Way Opteron Server
Other 6U36Bay 6136BW Chassis Option

(4U or 3U is available as custom order, please contact our OEM sales for detail)

CPU/Memory Complex
  • AMD® Opteron™ 800 series processors(Support four or eight AMD Opteron)
  • Support up to 128GB reg. DDR 333/266 ECC memory on 32 DIMMs
    (Only 64GB DDR 400 supported by quad-processor system)
Expansion Slots
  • Two x16 PCI Express slots, one with x4 signal
  • Two independent 64-bit PCI-X bus
  • One 64-bit 133 MHz (3.3V) PCI-X slot
  • Two 64-bit 100 MHz (3.3V) PCI-X slots
Integrated PCI Graphics
  • ATI RAGE XL PCI graphics controller
  • 8MB Frame Buffer of video memory
  • Automatic system fan speed control
  • Chassis intrusion alert
  • Support Server Management
  • (4) 3.5" HDD SATA hot swap bays
  • (4) 3.5" Internal HDD bays
          Upgradeable to hot swap bays via add-on kit
  • (1) Slim CD-ROM bay
  • (1) Standard FDD bay
  • (3) 5.25" device bay
  • Dimension: 16.7" (W) x 26.8" (D) x 8.7" (H)
    Dimension (mm): 425 (W) x 680 (D) x 220 (H)
  • 4 x 80*38mm DC Fans; 4 active CPU coolers
  • 900W 2+1 for (4-way); 1350W 3+1 for (8-way)
  • 2U,3U,4U,5Uand6UCustom Configuration Chassis
  • (1) keyboard & one PS/2 mouse port
  • (2) RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T ports
  • 4 USB USB 2.0 ports
  • One 9-pin UART serial port, one 15-pin VGA port
CPU Expansion Board
Supports up to four AMD® Opteron™ 800 processors
Four onboard 4-phase VRMs
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