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It is no secret that the micro processor has changed the nature of Scientific Research and Development. Many of the latest discoveries and inventions would never have been possible without cutting edge computer systems. Polywell Computers is proud to have been a contributor to many of these advancements. Having designed systems for Organizations like NASA, Livermore Laboratories, and The Scientific Research Corporation, we have both the credentials and the experience to contribute to your next project.

We've aquired extensive experience in configuring and optimizing:
  • Advanced PC Workstations running Solaris, UNIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Beowolf, MPI and Oscar Cluster Solution for Genetic Analysis, FPGA design, Finite Elemental Analysis, etc.
  • Storage servers based on SAN, NAS, & Fiber Channel Technologies.
  • High Definition Television (HDTV) systems.
Server: Intel, AMD, Sun, Alpha based with 1 to 512 processors in parallel processing
Storage: SAN, NAS, Fibre/SCSI/IDE RAID
Workstations: Solaris, UNIX, Linux, Windows based
Desktop: Intel or AMD based PCs - Software Engineering
Services: C, Assemble Programming, Driver Development, UNIX/Linux/Windows based applications


Hardware isn't enough? We have agents capable of Software development and coding as well. We offer services in C++, Assemble Programming, Driver Development in UNIX, Linux, & Windows based applications.

Please contact our Sales department at 800-999-1278 Ext. 122 or 135 or
E-Mail: jennylin@polywell.com or info@polywell.com

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