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  Data Center Hosting Service / Cloud Computing

Polywell maintains a 4.6Gbit Bandwidth Data Center to offer Internet Server Hosting Service, as well as Cloud Computing Solutions. We can offer a wide range of solutions to meet all your needs. Polywell provides all the necessary hardware and expertise with 24x7 Data Center Class service to guarantee your online service.

  • IPTV Server
  • Digital Signage Content Distribution Server
  • Virtualization Server
  • Internet WEB Server, E-mail Server, FTP Server, Database Server
  • VPN Server, Virtual PC, Close Circuit E-mail and HTTPS Server
  • Load Balance, Firewall Networking management service
  • SAN/iSCSI Storage on Demand
  • Cloud Computing Solution
Systems Ideal for Cloud Computing

Maximize your resources and productivity. Polywell offers innovative and cutting-edge technologies to get the most out of your IT resources and bandwidth. Choose from a wide array of hardware, including rackmount servers, blades and storage solutions.

High Performance Computing

  CPU Intensive Systems
AMD Opteron Servers
- PolyServer 5690Q32 48-way Quad CPU
- PolyServer 5690S16 24-way Dual CPU
- PolyServer 5670A8K 24-way Dual CPU
Intel Xeon Servers
- PolyServer 7500Q32 32-way Quad CPU
- PolyServer 5520A18 12-way Dual CPU
- PolyServer C606S24L4 24-way Dual CPU
- PolyServer C602A24L4 24-way Dual CPU
  - PolyBlade 7U20X 640-way Xeon
- PolyBlade 7U14X 168-way Xeon
- PolyBlade 7U10A 240-way Opteron
- PolyBlade 410 120-way Xeon
- PolyBlade 810 240-way Opteron
- PolyServer M6600i 6 Modular Xeon SAN Server
- PolyServer 5690Q32 48-way Quad Opteron Server
- PolyServer 7500Q32 32-way Quad Xeon Server
- PolyCluster 5520Twin-1U4 24-way Xeon Server
- PolyCluster x4 2U Quad Server 48-way Xeon
Storage Cloud   GPU Computing
- 8U74A 300TB
- 5U48A 192TB
- 4U36A 144TB
- 2U12B 48TB
- 4U45JB 180TB JBOD
  - PolyGPU C602X8-E7
- X5800E6 Core i7+6GPU
- 890FX Phenom+4GPU
Network Traffic Gateway Control System   Other Servers
PolyServer CloudNet 1U13L   PolyServer 5650x4 6-Core Opteron
1U-4100G Core 2 Duo
1U-780G 6-Core Phenom II Server


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