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PolyServer 8455-5U
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PolyServer 8455-5U
16-way, Opteron 8000 Series
8x Dual-Core, 32xDDR2
5 x 250GB SATA-II, 5U


Featured Highlights
Support four or eight AMD® Opteron™
NVIDIA nForce® Professional 2200(CK804pro)
Up to 64GB of DDR2 667/533/400 DIMMs
XGI Volari Z7T (XG20) PCI graphics controller
Up to 4 ATA-133 devices
Up to 5 x PCI slots (full height, full length) (limited by motherboard)

The PolyServer 8455-5U supports for AMD OpteronT™ 8000 Series processors for high-level workstation and serving applications. A true monster platform, the 8900-5U also supports up to 4 x PCI Express x16 slots, a PCI slot, SATA2 with RAID, dual Gigabit and single 10/100 Ethernet port, built-in video, and remote management (IPMI 2.0) option, all in a massive SSI MEB (16" x 13") form factor. Add the M4985 for additional 4P configuration, for a total of (8) processors in all!

 Recommended Models
$15999 8455-5U-RS
8 x AMD Opteron Processor 8212 DualCore, 16GB 16xDDR2,5 x 250GB SATA-II
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PolyServer 8855T-5U
32-way Opteron (8 x 8000), 128GB DDR2
  • Four 1207-pin sockets support AMD Opteron™ (Rev. F) 8000 series processors
  • Uses the standard 3 1/2"/ 89mm socket connector
  • Four onboard 5-phase digital VRMs
  • NVIDIA nForce® Professional 2200 (CK804pro)
  • NVIDIA nForce® Professional 2050 (IO4)
  • Winbond W83627HF Super I/O
  • Three Analog Devices ADT7476 Hardware Monitoring IC
  • Dual channel memory bus
  • 16 x 240-pin DDR2 DIMM sockets (four per CPU)
  • Up to 64GB of DDR2 667/533/400 DIMMs
  • Supports reg., ECC, & four rank mem. modules
Expansion Slots
  • 2 x PCI-E x16 slots (with x16 signal)
  • 2 x PCI-E x16 slots (with x4 signal)
  • 1 x PCI v2.3 32-bit 33MHz slot
  • 5 x Usable expansion slots total
Integrated I/O Interfaces
  • 1 x Floppy connector support up to two drives
  • 1 x Parallel port header
  • 2 x Serial ports (one connector, one header)
  • 6 x USB v2.0 EHCI ports (two rear, four headers)
  • 1 x Stacked PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports
Integrated PCI Graphics
  • XGI Volari Z7T (XG20) PCI graphics controller
  • 16MB Frame Buffer of video memory
Integrated ATA-133
  • 2 x ATA-133 Channels: up to 4 ATA-133 devices
Integrated Serial ATA Controller
  • 4 x Dual port SATA controllers (two from CK804pro and two from IO4)
  • 8 x SATA2 ports for up to eight drives at 3.0Gb/s
  • RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5 supported
System Management
  • Modular BMC 2x25 pin header for SMDC support
  • 6 x 4-pin FAN headers support tachometer monitoring & smart FAN control (PWM), four 3-pin fan headers support tachometer monitoring
  • Temperature & voltage monitoring
  • Port 80h LED display
Integrated LAN Controllers
  • 2 x Marvell 88E1111 GbE PHY
    - Each one has RJ-45 LAN connector w/ LEDs
    - Each one has front panel LED header
  • 1 x Intel 82541PI GbE LAN controller
    - RJ-45 LAN connector with LED
  • Phoenix BIOS on 8Mbit LPC Flash ROM
  • ACPI 2.0; Power management: S0, S1, S4, & S5
  • Serial Console Redirect
  • USB device boot
  • 48-bit LBA support
Form Factor
  • SSI MEB footprint (13" x 16")
  • EPS12V/SSI v3.5 (24 + 8 + 8) power connectors
  • 19" x 30" x 8.75" (W x D x H)
  • Middle: 4 x 80x38mm + 3 x 60x38mm fans
  • Rear: 4 x 40x28mm fans
Power Supply
  • 1620W 3+1 hot-swap redundant power supply (4 x 600W modules)
  • Up to 5 x PCI slots (full height, full length) (limited by motherboard)
  • Power on/off, system reset
  • Power, LAN and HDD LED's
System Board
  • 16" x 14"(WxD) MB
Drive Bay
  • External 5.25" x 8
  • External 3.5" x 1
Gross Weight
  • 50 kgs / 110 lbs
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