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Polywell NetDisk 1004SA
Features Highlight
NetDisk 1004SA
(NAS-Network Attached Storage)

Starts at $1650
18" deep 1U rackmount network storage, four hot-pluggable serial ATA (SATA) disks, Integrated backup manager.
This allows other Server or PCs to map this storage as network drive through Gigabit or 100Mbit Ethernet. It has RAID-5 SATA Storage for up to 4 x 500GB HD.
32-bit RISC Network Storage Processor
512MB memory
Windows,Mac,UNIX,and Linux systems
Hardware RAID 0, 1, and 5
4 Hot-plug SATA disks
Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless networking ready
DHCP and static IP support
SNMP Support
Two USB 2.0 ports
Built-in print server
Integrated enclosure and UPS monitoring
Convenient two-click online updates
Support browser based interface
improved reliability and serviceability
240W Power Supply with PFC
RISC Network Storage Processor(NSP)
Four hot swappable S-ATA drive support
10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet interface
Two USB2.0 ports
RAIDiator OS
RAID Level 0/1/5
Standby Hot-spare
Background Sync and Smart Sync Resume
Life-support Mode
Gigabit interface
802.11g via PCI option
Automatic IP assignment via DHCP
Static IP assignment
DHCP server mode
Network Security
Three Securith Levels supported(Share,User,and Domain/ADS)
Windows File and Folder Access Control List(ACL)
Secure Socket Layer(SSL)
User access tracking
Encrypted Network Logins
System Management
RAIDar Discovery and Monitoring Agent
FrontView Setup Wizard and Advanced Control
Enclosure Monitor
Email Alerts
Integrated Update Agent
SNMP Monitoring and Traps
Print queue management
Integrated Backup Manager
Full and incremental backups
Supports backup from HTTP,FTP,NFS,CIFS/SMB,RSYNC,USB disk,and NAS shares
Supports backup to NFS,CIFS/SMB,RSYNC,USB disk,and NAS shares
Supports syncing between multiple NAS devices
Backup USB disk accessible as a share
Full backup file logs
Form factor:1U Rackmount
Weight:19 pounds(8.6kg)(Without HDD)
Starts at $1,650
Call for Current Price at 800-999-1278 (SALES)
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