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Poly Suma P2008IA
Features Highlight
Suma P2008IA


2U-8 Bays,3Gb/s RAID


P2008FA Fibre Channel to SATA

P2008SA SCSI320 to SATA

See other 3U SumaP3015IA

Starts at $ 4888


Features Highlight
8 Hot-Swap drive bays in 2U space
Supports Serial ATA II 3Gb drives and Native Command Queuing
Two iSCSI host ports (Gb Ethernet), cluster-ready
Support Up to 350 MB/s throughput
Fully redundant, hot-swap power and cooling Supported
256MB ECC cache, battery-backed and expandable to 512MB
Comprehensive embedded web-based management via Ethernet
Network management through web-based application, email, SNMP,WBEM/CIM, SSL
Support LUN Masking and Mapping enable SANs and large clusters
Multiple global or designated hot-spare drives
PerfectRAID™ and Predictive Data Migration™ technology for robust error handling and recovery
RAID 0,1,1E,5,10, 50 --Any combination of these RAID levels can exist at once Configurable RAID stripe size 8K,16K,32K,64K,128K,256K and 1MB stripe size per disk.
Background task priority tuning: adjustment of minimum I/O reserved for server use during all background tasks.
RAID Robustness
Bad sector re-mapping table
PDM (Predictive Data Migration)
Read Check Table
Write Check Table; Write Hole table
NVRAM event logging
Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux (Red Hat, SuSE), Macintosh OS X
WebPAM Embedded (Ethernet),Command Line Utility via serial port or Telnet
Embedded Web server and mgmt support - no host agent needed
In Band (FC) as well as out of Band (Ethernet,RS-232)
Extensive CLI (RS-232 or telnet),CLU and feature rich,user friendly GUI support
SNMP and CIM support for monitoring
Auto, Express and Advanced configuration support for novice and skilled user
Hardware External Interfaces Option
8 Drives (3.5" x 1" only) -- Supports Serial ATA I & II (SATA) drives
Dual 1 (one) Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI ports standard Gigabit Ethernet over copper cabling
Up to 350MB/s (using both ports cached)
256MB cache (max. to 512MB) automatic write cache destaging and 72-hour
battery backup
Dual 360W, 100-240 Vac auto-ranging, 50-60 Hz, dual hot swap and redundant with PFC, N+1 design
Operating temperature:5°~40°C (-40°~60°C non operational)
Relative humidity:5-95%
89H (3.5") x 446W (17.6") x 561D (22.1") mm (2U rackmount configuration)
Starts at $ 4888
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