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Poly San 2000 solution
Key Features
Polysan 2000 Solution
The PolySAN 2000 RAID Controller System
with SAN Volume Manager

PolySAN 2000 Controller
PolySAN 2000 is a Control system that allows multiple Servers connect to multiple Storage devices through high-speed broad bandwidth Fibre channel interfaces.

It allows different operating system Server such as Sun/Solaris, HP/UNIX, IBM/AIX, Intel/NT/SCO/Linux/Netware, Alpha/OSF1/OpenVMS/BSD to share multiple High Availability expensive Disk Array Storage Subsystems, Tape Library. It is a complete SAN (Storage Area Network) Solution across platforms.

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Universal and Platform Independent
In today's climate of rapidly evolving technology, Storage systems must be "universal," allowing you to easily swap, upgrade or add either Storages or Servers to meet changing needs. The PolySAN 2000 supports a wide range of platforms including SUN, SGI, HP, IBM, DEC, Linux, Mac and Intel-based systems. Our research team tests and documents each platform to provide total SAN Solution with comprehensive support as well as OEM development tools.
Key Features
  . WEB based SAN Manager
  . Volume Manager provides SAN Solution
  . Fibre RAID Hardware Controller - supports up to 128 Fibre Drive in RAID-0,1,3,5
  . SCSI to Fibre Bridge - allows other servers to connect its SCSI devices via Fibre connection
  . Optional Remote Replication Server (Mirroring)
  . Optional (Snap-Shot style) BackupView Manager
  . NT, Linux or SCO Server (Windows 2000 is under development)
  . NAS (Network Attach Server)
  . 3U Rackmount System (Optional 1U, 2U, 4U and 8U Enclosure)
  . Alpha RISC Processor (Optional Single or Dual Intel Pentium III Processors)
  . 128MB Memory (Optional up to 4GB RAM)
  . 2 x 64-bit, 4x32-bit PCI Slots (Before installing add-on devices)
  . 1 x 64-bit/33MHz SAN2000/RAID PCI Module w/64M cache (2 x 9-pin Fibre Ports) up to 6 Modules per system. up to 128 systems per SAN.
  . Optional (Snap-Shot style) BackupView Manager
  . 264MB/s per Module, Dual loop per Module
  . 2 x 9GB LVD SCSI Drive in RAID-1 for OS
  . Floppy Drive, CD-ROM, 4MB SVGA Graphics
  . 4 Port 10/100Mbit Fast Ethernet (Optional Gigebit Ethernet)
  . Linux (Optional NT, SCO UNIX, Netware)
  . SKU No. SAN2000-0214B
Based Price: $7995
The SUMA 8000 offers redundancy throughout, which can be tailored to meet your protection needs. Administrators can select redundancy options for physical groups of disks including RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 4, 5. For additional protection, global hot spares can be assigned to the entire array, allowing automatic data reconstruction. Disk drives are hot swappable allowing on-line replacements. All systems include redundant cooling fans and power supplies that are also hot swappable.

The fans offer variable speed that increases with temperature which lowers noise in office environments. In addition, the system supports external UPS battery backup monitoring that notifies users when battery life reaches a low life threshold.

WebBased SAN Manager Console (click here)

Presentation in PDF Format
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