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SOHO Storage Products
Product Description
Case Enclosure with Specs
Specifications of NetDisk
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Small Office Home Office Storage Products
  • Netdisk (NAS)
  • External RAID Enclosure
  • Netdisk + RAID
Product Description
Polywell develops a series of small SOHO storage produts for Small Business and Home Office. All these products are small, easy to manage, low-cost, well fit into the SOHO environment.
Case Enclosure with Specs

Small SCSI-to-SCSI RAID (4x36GB)


5-SCA Hot Swap + 1 x 5.25" Bay

Designed for External RAID Enclosure
  • SCSI-to-SCSI RAID Operating System Independent 
  • High Capacity 
  • 2 Ultra-2 LVD Wide SCSI channels. 
  • Supports three RAID levels: 0,1, 5
  • High Flexibility 
  • Up to eight logical drives with independent RAID level 
  • Multiple LUN 
  • Background rebuild and reconstruction 
  • Auto Termination 
  • High Speed 
  • 32-bit processor installed with a 4 cm cooling fan with RPM detector 
  • Internal PCI bus with data transfer rate up to 132MB/sec 
  • Two Ultra-2 LVD Wide SCSI channels 
  • Controlled by Symbios Logic 53C875 
  • Supports up to 80MB/sec data transfer rate 
  • Disconnect/Reconnect options mode 
  • Tagged Command Queuing 
  • Supports cache memory size: 4,8,16,32,64MB 
  • Intelligent read-ahead/write-back cache option 
  • Fault Tolerance and High Security 
  • Hot-spare drive and automatic background rebuilding 
  • Supports bad sector auto reassignment 
  • CPU cooling fans with RPM detector 
  • Hard drive failure auto-detection and buzzer warning 
  • Easy Upgrading and Maintenance 
  • 3.5" 1.44 MB floppy drive provided for updating flash firmware 
  • Optional daughter board available to provide two extra SCSI channels 
  • Flash EEPROM BIOS 
  • Hot-swap hard disk support 
  • Three interfaces for setting and configuration 
  • LCD control panel for configuration, diagnosis and monitoring 
  • LCD display (16 characters X 2 lines) 
  • Six operational keys (Up, Down, Left, Right, Menu and Enter) 
  • Three LED indicators for Power, Busy and Alarm 
  • One buzzer for attention and warning

Netdisk with IDE RAID

Detail NetDisk Specification

Full-Tower with more Bay option

5-SCA Hot Swap Configuration

IDE RAID Subsystem
When the controller detects a bad drive or failed power supply it enalbes an audible alarm and/or faxes, pages each up to destinations. 
Host Bust Interface 
SCSI-II / Wide SCSI / Ultra SCSI / Ultra Wide SCSI
User selectable SCSI ID 0-15 and active SCSI bus termination. 
Drive Bus Interfaces 
6 each 33MB/sec ATA-4/E-IDE channels
Support DMA mode 0, 1, 2 and Ultra DMA 33 
System cache 
32MB factory default, upgradable to 128MB using 72 pin SIMMs. 
Command Queing 
SCSI-3 command tagged queuing 
2 x 68pin SCSI in/out, 1 x DB9 RS-232, 1 x DB9 for Modem, 1 x DB9 for UPS 
Power Supply 
2 x 270W Load sharing hot swappalbe pwer modules 
Weight and Dimensions 
410 x 170 x 30mm , 12Kgs without drives 
Specifications of Net Disk
DRAM Memory Size Options: 
                             8MB, 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB 
        Flash Memory: 
                             2 MB 
        Software Storage: 
                             Operating system and management applications 
                             stored on Flash. 
                             RTC with NVRAM 
        Embedded Operating System 
                             VxWorks multi-tasking, multi-threading kernel 
        Status LEDs: 
                             Device power, device fault, Ethernet speed, 
                             Ethernet link, Ethernet activity, SCSI activity 

Network Subsystem: 
        Supported Clients: 
                             WFW 3.11 with TCP/IP, Win95, and WinNT 
                              for SMB. UNIX workstations running NFS 
                              V2 and above. 
        Device Management: 
                             Java applet, stored in the device, down 
                             loaded and run on a client browser 
        Browser Requirements: 
                             Navigator 3.x and above or Internet Explorer 
                             3.x and above 
        Network Management: 
                             SNMP V2, MIB-II 
        File Sharing Protocols: 
                             NFS, WebNFS, SMB, CIFS. 
        Network Transport Protocols: 
        Network Link Protocols: 
                              FastEthernet 100Base-TX and Ethernet 
                              10Base-T with auto speed selection 

   Standard Model: NetDisk-4 
             4 x 5.25" or 3.5" Half Height Hard Drive 
                 7.5W x 17.3D x 10.2H (inch) 
   Advanced Model: NetDisk-300 
             8 x 5.25" or 3.5" Half Height Hard Drive 
                 7.5W x 17.9D x 17.1H (inch) 
   High-end Model:  NetDisk-32
            32 x 5.25" or 3.5" Half Height Hard Drive 
                 22W x 25D x 32.6H (inch)
   Power supply: 
             250Watt PS/2 Style, 110/220V Switchable 
             Optional: Dual or Quad 400W Redundant
   Shock and Vibration: 
             50 G, non-operational 
  Operating Environment: 
             0 to 50 degrees C, 10 to 95% humidity 
  Non-operating Environment: 
             SCA-2 hot swap technology 

Storage Subsystem: 
             DOS compatible, Extended FAT 
             Ultra SCSI 
             SCA-2 hot swap technology or  68-pin Wide 
   Device Types: 
             Fixed and removable media disk drives 

   Model: NetDisk-4 
             4GB to 46GB Per Box 
   Model: NetDisk-300 
              4GB to 150GB Per Box
   Model: NetDisk-32
              4GB to 600GB Per Box

Other Options
  • Integrated with Mylex SCSI-to-SCSI RAID Controller to build RAID-5 configuration.
  • Integrated AV Controller to provide 40MB Sustained Throughput
Additional Info

32 Bay High Capacity NetDisk

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