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Poly Suma 10000LL
Product Description
Chaparral G6322 Raid Controller
Additional Info
Suma 10000LL
Ultra 160-to Ultra 160 SCSI Storage System 2 Host
2 Drive Channel, Redundant RAID Ready for Windows and Linux Clustering
Product Description
The Polywell Suma 10000LL utilizes the Chaparral ® F6300 Raid Controller which delivers the highest level of performance and uncompromised data reliablity. It is capable of sustaining disk transfer rates of up to 180MB/sec from servers to disk with over 15000 I/O per second. The Suma 10000LL has dual host channels,featuring Ultra 160LVDS host and device channels (4 total in flexible configuration options). It has active-active failover with dual hot pluggable controllers and supports up to 45 disk drives orgrnized in up to 24 arrays and 32 LUNs. The on-line capacity expansion allowing system reconfiguration without interruptions. The Poly Suma 10000LL supports RAID leveles 0, 1, 0/1, 3, 4, 10, JBOD and supports up to 512 BM PC-133 compatiable SDRAM cache memory.
Up to 1.8TB (10x180GB) per 3U Rack, expandable to 10TB per Subsystem (60 Drives)
Built-in SAN Volume Manager via NT system console, support (includes Sun®, HP®, Compaq®/Alpha®, NT®, Windows XP, 2000 platforms)
Expandable up to 10TB without shutdown the system
Support Fibre Channel Server attachments at 480MB/s or faster for all Fibre Channel Hubs and Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop connections.
Support 18, 36, 72 or 180G Ultra-2 and Ultra 160 LVD SCSI Drives (also support future bigger capacity 3.5" drive)
Support RAID and stripes on multiple different size drives
Allow dynamic space allocations and configuration for all servers attached while providing future expandability and upgrade-ability.
Efficiently, effectively and concurrently support multiple types of RAID configurations on the same drives (i.e., RAID 0, 1, 5, etc)
Efficiently and effectively support multiple(up to 1000) concurrent direct server attachements to the subsystem via FOC (Fibre Optic Cable)
Allow any servers to be bootable from the Suna 12000FF/SAN via the FOC.
Redundant hot-swappable Fans, Power supplies, Controllers and Drives
Efficiently and effectively work with current and future clustering/high-availability applications for NT® 4.0, Windows 2000, LINUX™, Solaris and current UNIX operating systems. Have a migration plan for supporting clustering / high-availability applications with subsequent releases of the aforementioned operating systems.
Efficiently and effectively support automatic unattended rebuild of a failed drive(s) to designated hot-spares.
Efficiently and effectively support comprehensive management of the entire subsystem via software, hardware or both
Efficiently and effectively support notification via SNMP traps of failed critical components, including drives.
Polywell offers Qlogic or Emulex based Intelligent Host adapters which is capable of I/O processing without burden the CPU of the host server for less than 10%
Polywell offers 72" 40U cabinet which contains the storage subsystem and the drive racks. It can hold up to eight Suma 12000FF racks per cabinet.

Form Factor  10-Bay Deskside/Rackmount
Capacities (Unformatted) 54GB through 1.8TB Models Available
Chassis Interface1 FC-AL

Drive Performance
Average Seek Time3 (ms) 7.0
Rotational Speed (RPM) 7,200, 10,000 or 15,000
Data Transfer Rates (Buffer-to-Host)
Ultra160 SCSI (MB/sec) 160
  Cache Size (MB) 2 to 8MB

Environmental Limits
Temperature (oC) 41 to 104
Non-Condensing Humidity (%) 10 to 85
Vibration (G, 5 to 500Hz) 1.0
Temperature (oC) -13 to 140
Non-Condensing Humidity (%) 5 to 95
Shock (G, 2 ms, ˝ Sine) 200
Vibration (G, 5 to 500Hz) 2.0

Controller Specifications
On-Board CPU Intel Pentium III Class CPU, 21 KB L1 cache,256 KB L2 cache
Host Channels 1 to 2 Ultra-160 SCSI
Drive Channels
Optional Redundant
2 to 3 (Ultra-160 SCSI)
Cache Memory 64MB to 512MB per controller
RAID Levels Supported 0, 1, 0/1, 3, 4, 5, 10, JBOD
Maximum Number of Drives Supported 45 per controller

Enclosure Specifications
Type Deskside/Rackmount
Power Supply 2x450W
Fan’s 2x125mm
Dimensions – inches (mm)  
Width 9.5 (241)19 (483)
Length 24(610)23 (584)
Height 20 (508)5.0625 (133)
Weight – Pounds (kg)65 (29.5) 45 (20.5)

Reliability Specifications
Warranty4 (years)3

1.SPI-2 compliant
2.A megabyte is defined as (MB) as 106 or 1,000,000 bytes

3.Seek times are at nominal conditions and include settling

4.This warranty is standard when products are purchased directly through Polywell
Chaparral G6322 Raid Controller
SCSI 160 to SCSI 160 RAID Controller
The G-6322 hsd maximum performance and uncopremised data reliability. It provides high availability with dual comtroller host independent active-active failover. It also has high I/O processing power and powerful data streaming capabilities.
  • RAID 5 sequential reads and writes of more than 180MB/sec sustained. 
  • Active-active failover and failback.
  • 2 host channels.
  • 2 drive channels.
  • Greater than 18,000 IOPS.
  • Support up to 45 disk drives.
  • Online capacity expansion allowing reconfiguration withour interruptions
  • OS independent--supports all platforms with no special software and drivers required
  • Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 4, 5 and JBOD

Unsurpassed data availability

The new G6322 controllers offer robust performance, reliability and high data availability for today's most demanding I/O applications. Chaparral's G6322 controllers provide dual controller host independent active-active failover. Chaparral utilizes an Error Correcting Code (ECC) SDRAM DIMM module in the G6322 for data cache. Supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 0/1, 3, 4, 5, 10 and JBOD, Chaparral's true RAID technology protects against loss of data while delivering the highest levels of performance. Additional features include: OCE (On-line Capacity Expansion), dedicated and pooled spares, ECC-protected battery backed disk cache, and hot-swap replacement of disk drives and controllers. Automatic failover initiation in G6322 controllers utilizes Chaparral's unique run-time diagnostics and error handling software.

High performance
The G6322 controllers deliver more than 15,000 IOPs making the controllers excel in transaction intensive environments such as OLTP, thanks to the powerful on board Intel Pentium III Class CPU. With 32 KBytes of Level 1 cache and 256 KBytes of Level 2 on-chip cache, the powerful Pentium II processor is ready for the full range of demanding environments from transaction intensive OLTP applications to data streaming backup operations and multimedia rich Internet. The G6322 incorporates Chaparral's innovative RAIDEngine IITM memory controller. Featuring a state of the art 800 MBytes/sec PC-133 compatible ECC SDRAM memory interface and XOR RAID parity hardware, the RAIDEngine II is optimized for swift data transfers between host systems and hard disks.

These high performance controllers feature four flexible 160 MBytes/sec Ultra 160 LVDS independent buses that can be configured as host or device channels. The great flexibility built into the G6322 gives users the ability to select the configuration that suits their needs. Users with a larger number of devices can configure the controllers in one host channel and three device channels. Users who require more host channels can configure the G6322 as 2 host by 2 device channels. The G6322 controllers can aggregate performance across 30 to 45 SCSI devices spread over as many as 24 logical arrays.

Easy Design-in
The new G6322 products are fully compatible with existing third party enclosures that utilize Chaparral's G5312 and G7313 RAID controllers. The new G6322 adapter uses the same 376-pin backplane connector and common mechanical mounting requirements. Chaparral's G6322 RAID controllers are designed from the ground up for the easy integration into storage enclosures. No special circuitry is required to condition power, failover the controllers or support hot plugging. In fact, the G6322 controller backplane can be implemented as a totally passive assembly, which reduces integration cost and improves subsystem reliability.
Circuitry for G6322 controllers was specifically chosen for both high performance and low power consumption. Lower power translates into less expensive cooling requirements and higher reliability. It also contributes to longer data cache protection time when using the Chaparral-designed cache battery pack. Up to 72 hours of cache uptime can be achieved in the event of a power loss, maintaining valuable data for over three days. The new cache data battery has been designed for trouble-free regulatory design-in. The environmentally friendly 3-cell Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack is mechanically mounting compatible with the existing 6-cell pack used in the current G-Series family of products.

Robust Management
The G6322 RAID controllers are manageable through two different means: Out-of-band over an RS-232 interface to an ANSI terminal or terminal emulator, or in-band over the host SCSI interface. An intuitive and easy-to-use menu-driven interface is provided using Chaparral's Disk Array Administrator (CDAA) embedded firmware. The CDAA utility allows users to configure the G6322 RAID controllers and arrays, read event logs, and monitor numerous hardware and software conditions over the RS-232 interface. Chaparral's CAPI (Configuration Application Programming Interface) enables users to write host-based utilities to manage, configure and monitor all connected storage subsystems containing G6322 controllers. A CAPI software development kit is available to aid in writing GUI (Graphical User Interface) and other management utilities.
Firmware is embedded in the G6322 to monitor voltage levels of all incoming power, cache battery pack voltage and temperature, CPU temperature, and controller ambient temperature. Warnings are provided over the management interfaces. Auto-shutdown has been implemented to prevent loss of data or compromising its integrity when environmental conditions exceed their maximum thresholds. The G6322 RAID Controllers' extensive feature set supports passthrough of SAF-TE environmental monitoring commands to disk enclosures. Also included is event logging and SMART event monitoring.

All onboard firmware is upgradeable either in-band over the host SCSI port, or out-of-band using the RS-232 interface, allowing users to take advantage of new advanced features from Chaparral. The special active-active failover design in the G6322 allows individual controllers to be taken off-line for firmware upgrade without interrupting operations. This results in no downtime for maintenance operations, a key requirement for mission critical applications.
  Processor and Data Rate
On-board CPU Intel Pentium III,  32KBytes L1 Cache, 256KBytes L2 cache on-chip
Host Burst Data Rate 160 MBytes/sec Ultra-160 SCSI
Device Burst Data Rate 160 MBytes/sec Ultra-160 SCSI
  Host Interface
Number of Channels One or two single-ended or Ultra-160 SCSI
Protocol Ultra 160, Fast, Narrow, Wide, and Ultra2 SCSI
  Drive interface
Number of Channels Two or three single-ended or Ultra 160 SCSI
Protocol Single Ended [Narrow (8-bit) or Wide (16-bit), Fast (10MHz), Ultra SCSI (20MHz)], or Ultra2 SCSI (40MHz), Ultra 160 (80MHz)
  Advanced RAID Features
On-line capacity expansion 
Write back data cache memory bus 800MB/sec bandwidth 
Host independant failover and failback 
Spare pooling and dedicated spares 
Array verification 
Scheduled utilities with user defined priorities 
Global hot-spare 
Hot-swap devices 
Array status monitoring 
Adjustable stripe width 
Automatic sector remapping transparent drive rebuild with user-settable priorities 
Arrays can be configured for RAID levels 0,1,0/1, 3, 4, 5, JBOD 
Write-through, Write-back, and Read-ahead cache options 
  Advanced Hardware Features 
Up to 512 MBytes user-configurable, ECC Protected, non-volatile data cache memory 
16 Mbyte local Extended Data Out (EDO) DRAM processor memory 
Integrated Nickel Hydride (NiMH) cache battery backup 
Flash upgradable firmware, 2 MByte 
  Advanced SCSI Features 
Full backward SCSI compatibility 
On-board termination, supporting auto multi-mode 
70 simultaneous commands 
Tagged command queuing 
Multiple SCSI Phase Engine Co-processors 
Ultra 160 SCSI 80 MHz for data transfer up to 160 MB/sec per channel 
Ultra 160 SCSI connection for up to 15 devices per channel 
  Configuration and Management 
RS-232 serial interface to PC or standard VT100 terminal for array management and control 
Configuration Application Programming Interface (CAPI) API developer's kit 
Programmable SCSI host/device termination 
Termination power sourcing 
Window and menu-based interface 
Performance statistic monitoring 
Support for e-mail, fax, pager and automatic call event notification 
Event logging, rebuild and verify utilities 
SAF-TE and SMART environmental monitoring support 
  Physical And Environmental Specifications
Board Form Factor 4.25in x 9.0 in PCB outline (10.80 cm x 22.86 cm); 1.1 in (2.79 cm) with unbuffered DIMM, 1.2 in (3.05cm) with registered DIMM
Backplane Mating Connector 376 I/O pin AMP Z-Pack HM series
Power Requirements +5.0Vdc, 4.0A typical, 6.0A max
Temperature +5 degrees C to +50 degrees C with specified airflow; 0 degrees to +55 degrees C extended mode operating range, -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C non-operating/storage 
Humidity 10% to 85% non-condensing (operating) 5% to 90% non-condensing (non-operating) 
Air Flow 10.0 cubic-ft/min. (CFM)
Additional Info
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