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Poly Suma 10000FL
Product Description
Mylex DACFL Controller
Additional Info
Suma 10000FL/SAN
Fibre Optic Storage for SAN

Product Description
The Polywell Suma 10000FL/SAN utilizes the Mylex® DACFL controller which delivers unparalleled performance and is capable of sustaining disk transfer rates of up to 97 MB/sec from servers to disk with over 4000 I/O per second. The Suma 10000FL/SAN has dual loop host channels, providing redundant connections to give extra fault-tolerance for high-data availability applications. The streamlined architecture provides a separate memory for cache, cache look-up tables, and the CPU instruction store to eliminate bus contention for optimum throughput. The Suma 10000FL/SAN supports dual redundant controller each has four Ultra-2 LVD Channel for drive connections. These four channels can also be configured as independent channel to maximize disk connectivity or as two redundant channels for increased availability.
Up to 720GB (10x72GB) per 3U Rack, expandable to 4.2TB per Subsystem (60 Drives).
Built-in SAN Volume Manager via NT system console, support (includes Sun®, HP®, Compaq®/Alpha®, NT®, Win2000 platforms)
Expandable up to 4.2TB without shutdown the system.
Support Fibre Channel Server attchments at 480MB/s or faster for all Fibre Channel Hubs and Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop connections.
Support 18, 36, 72 or 180G Ultra-2 and Ultra 160 LVD SCSI Drives (also support future bigger capacity 3.5" drive)
Support 18, 36 or 72G Fibre Channel Drives (also support future bigger capacity 3.5" drive)
Support RAID and stripes on multiple different size drives
Allow dynamic space allocations and configuration for all servers attached while providing future expandability and upgrade-ability.
Efficiently, effectively and concurrently support multiple types of RAID configurations on the same drives (ie, RAID 0, 1, 5, etc)
Efficiently and effectively support multiple(up to 1000) concurrent direct server attachements to the subsystem via FOC (Fibre Optic Cable)
Allow any servers to be bootable from the Suna 10000FL/SAN via the FOC.
Redundant hot-swappable Fans, Power supplies, Controllers and Drives
Efficiently and effectively work with current and future clustering/high-availability applications for NT® 4.0, Windows 2000, LINUX™, Solaris and current UNIX operating systems. Have a migration plan for supporting clustering / high-availability applications with subsequent releases of the aforementioned operating systems.
Efficiently and effectively support automatic unattended rebuild of a failed drive(s) to designated hot-spares.
Efficiently and effectively support comprehensive management of the entire subsystem via software, hardware or both.
Efficiently and effectively support notification via SNMP traps of failed critical components, including drives.
Polywell offers Qlogic or Emulex based Intelligent Host adapters which is capable of I/O processing without burden the CPU of the host server for less than 10%
Polywell offers 72" 40U cabinet which contains the storage subsystem and the drive racks. It can hold up to 13 Suma 10000FF racks per cabinet.

Form Factor  10-Bay Deskside/Rackmount
Capacities (Unformatted) 54GB through 720GB Models Available
Chassis Interface1 FC-AL

Drive Performance
Average Seek Time3 (ms) 7.0
Rotational Speed (RPM) 7,200 or 10,000
Data Transfer Rates (Buffer-to-Host)
Ultra2 SCSI (MB/sec) 80
  Cache Size (MB) 2 to 8MB

Environmental Limits
Temperature (oC) 41 to 104
Non-Condensing Humidity (%) 10 to 85
Vibration (G, 5 to 500Hz) 1.0
Temperature (oC) -13 to 140
Non-Condensing Humidity (%) 5 to 95
Shock (G, 2 ms, ˝ Sine) 200
Vibration (G, 5 to 500Hz) 2.0

Controller Specifications
On-Board CPU Dual Intel  960RD
Host Channels 1 to 2(FC-AL)
Drive Channels
Optional Redundant
2 to 4 (Ultra2 SCSI)
Cache Memory 64MB to 256MB per controller
RAID Levels Supported 0, 1, 3, 4, 5
Maximum Number of Drives Supported 60 per controller, 15 per channel

Enclosure Specifications
Type Deskside/Rackmount
Power Supply 2x450W
Fan’s 2x125mm
Dimensions – inches (mm)  
Width 9.5 (241)19 (483)
Length 24(610)23 (584)
Height 20 (508)5.0625 (133)
Weight – Pounds (kg)65 (29.5) 45 (20.5)

Reliability Specifications
Warranty4 (years)3

1.SPI-2 compliant
2.A megabyte is defined as (MB) as 106 or 1,000,000 bytes

3.Seek times are at nominal conditions and include settling

4.This warranty is standard when products are purchased directly through Polywell
Mylex DACFL Controller
Fibre to Ultra2 SCSI External RAID Controller
The DACFL is a host-independent external RAID controller that combines Fibre Channel and Ultra2 SCSI LVD. DACFL delivers twice the bandwidth and I/O performance of traditional Ultra SCSI RAID controllers.
  • The DACFL is capable of sustaining disk transfer rates of over 52MB/sec and transfers data from cache at 97MB/sec. 
  • The DACFL has dual loop host channels, providing an additional level of redundancy for high availability applications. 
  • The DACFL implements a parallel processing architecture to maximize performance. the dual bus design allows data to be transferred in parallel between the controller and servers, and between the controller and disks.
  • The DACFL has dual bus design that allows data to be transferred in parallel between the controller and servers, and between the controller and disks. 
  • The DACFL has a user data cache of up to 256MB. The cache may also be mirrored for additional fault tolerance. 
  • The DACFL has either read-ahead, write-through or write-back options for each logical array that provide versatile performance options. 
  • The DACFL, with four Ultra2 SCSI LVD drive channels, supports up to 60 drives configured into as many as eight LUNs, allowing system configurations of over 1TB of high performance storage per controller.
  • The DACFL is also field upgradeable with flash EEPROM. It supports RAID level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50 and JBOD, offering maximum RAID level flexibility customizable to the user's application.
  • The DACFL provides customers exceptional ease of use and manageability with Global Array ManagerTM (GAM) software. 
Unparalleled Performance
  -Dual RISC Processors--i960RD & i960RP
  -Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) interface at 80MB/s per channel
    -Sustained Disk transfer rates: over 52MB/s 
  -Dual Loop Fibre host channels 
    -Burst Cache transfer rates: up to 97MB/s per channel
  -Mylex Firmware + Software
  Flexible Storage & Fault Tolerance
  -Feature rich RAID 
  -NT and Unix Clustering 
  -Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  -Mirrored Cache 
  -RAID expansion (MORE1) 
  Configuration & Remote Management
  -Global Array Manager (GAM)
  -Client Server GUI 
  -Create, Manage, Expand and Monitor 

RISC Processor Intel i960RD
Cache Up to 256MB
Flash 1MB
Logical Arrays Up to 60 drives into Eight LUNS
  Physical Specifications
Form Factor 5 1/4"
Power Requirements +5.0v (+/-5%) 10.5 A (max)
Temperature 0 to 50oC
MTBF 100,000 Hr. 
Warranty Three years 
Certification FCC Class B, CE, UL
  Fibre Channel and ACSI Specifications
Host channels two copper FC-AL
Sustained cache transfers over 97MB/s 
Burst transfers Up to 100 MB/s per channel
Drive channels four Ultra2 SCSI LVD at 80MB/sec per bus
Sustained disk transfers:  over 52MB/sec
Up to 15 devices per Ultra2 SCSI channel  
Supports up to 1.08TB per controller  
Ultra2 LVD cable lengths up to12 meters
Automatic SCSI bus termination   
Support for SMART capable drives (6/99)   
Supports SCSI-1, SCSI-2, Ultra and Ultra2 SCSI devices
  RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD
  Transparent disk drive rebuild
  Logical array: Up to 60 drives into 8 LUNS
  Variable stripe size per controller 
  Variable cache line size (8 or 64) 
  Mirrored cache
  Active-active operation 
  Failover-failback support 
  Drive traveling during power off 
  SAF-TE enclosure management 
  Automatic error recovery 
  Write-through, write-back or read-ahead support per logical device 
  Automatic detection of failed drives 
  Automatic rebuild of hot spare drive
  Hot drive swapping support 
Clustering support - Windows NT and UNIX
  - Client server GUI Interface
  - Create, manage, expand and monitor programs
  -Error statistics and performance information
  - Operating system independent
  - Host independent external RAID controller with 2 Fibres Channels and 4 Ultra2 SCSI Channels

Contact your Mylex Sales Representative for more information on other models with various channels and memory sizes.

Additional Info
Mylex DACCF SAN Array Features (in PDF format)
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