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Poly Suma 1400SE
Features Highlight
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Suma 1400SE

1U SCSI Hot to 4xIDE JBox, 1TB starts at $1999

Convert Low Cost, Large Capacity IDE Drive to SCSI Interface

Features Highlight
Turn 1U Highest Density with 4 x 400GB to 120GB IDE drives into External SCSI Drives
Easy Swap Drive Kit allows simple Drive replacement
Can be Daisy Chain up to 15 x 1400SE to form a 15TB Storage Set
Supported by LSI, Adaptec and Major SCSI or RAID Controller
48-bit LBA Support Big Drives Technology (supports over 250GB per drive)
SCSI IDE is selected by dip switch
Ultra 160 LVD SCSI to Host Interfaces (Daisy chain in and out ports)
Mini 1U with only 15.75 inch depth
Reliable SCSI Protocol, no driver need
Cost-effective and high performance
1U rack mount of 44(H) x 483(W) x 400(D) mm
Supports Ultra160 LVD SCSI target features with transfer rate up to 160 MB/sec
Supports UDMA mode with data transfer rate up to 133 MB/sec
Supports Ultra ATA 133/100/66/33 HDD
2 independent channels of IDE bus
JBOD / Normal Mode function selection by dip switch Selectable SCSI ID sets from 0 to 15
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