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Poly Suma 1420
Features and Benefits
Poly Suma1420
Make a Difference in the Future of Your Information

The impact of online information storage systems within business, education, and government organizations has never been more critical. Until recently, many organizations have installed systems that are proprietary, limited, and incompatible with each other – resulting in lost productivity, runaway operating costs, lack of cohesive administration, and obsolete investments. That’s why information storage systems are no longer an afterthought. They’re at the center of information technology strategies. What’s needed is an information storage “platform” that’s created for enterprise-class flexibility, reliability, and manageability – customizable and easily adaptable to future technologies. Fortunately it’s possible today.
Introducing SUMA 14•20 Virtual RAID Storage Family

A new way to think about your information storage and management. The SUMA 14•20 Virtual RAID Storage Family is a software-driven, high availability storage platform. It’s designed with breakthrough reliability, scalability, and management innovations that provide competitive advantages for the end user, reseller, and OEM customer. You’ll get built-to-order, platform independent solutions tailored specifically to your application needs, by combining a selection of subsystems, Virtual RAID Modules, and industry-standard storage devices. Polywell's exclusive Enterprise Storage Management Framework is built into every system with all the tools you’ll need for internet-enabled remote administration of distributed SUMA 14•20 systems. It’s easily accessible over a network connection, freeing you from the confines and reliability hassles of device drivers. When it’s time to expand, change, or adapt to future technologies, the modular architecture meets the challenge.

The SUMA 14•20 family and it’s future extensions is the most powerful and economical investment you’ll make in the future of your information.

When coupled with complementing storage technologies like automated tape libraries, disaster recovery, storage management and high availability solutions, your organization will achieve tremendous competitive business advantages. Utilizing Polywell's MD Services, you’ll get optimized storage solutions that meet a broad range of needs from small NT servers to Enterprise UNIX server environments. Our responsive onsite service provides rapid response 24 hours a day. See the SUMA 14•20 family for yourself at and transform your information storage and management into a powerful competitive advantage.

A Breakthrough High-Availability Architecture
Delivers Advanced Mandatory Criteria for Business Continuance
When it comes to your information, any exposure to downtime, corruption, or loss puts your organization at great risk. The SUMA 14•20 family incorporates the latest innovations designed to significantly improve data availability, reliability, and integrity – keeping your information safe at all times. The system is driven by single or dual failover “hot plug” Virtual RAID Modules in a variety of configurations (see back pocket). Utilizing embedded management micro-controllers and software, the SUMA 14•20 family is able to control all critical elements surrounding your information, insulating it from disaster. Every major component is redundant, hot swappable and equipped with visual indicators for immediate discovery. Once you’ve explored the SUMA 14•20 family architecture, you’ll see why Polywell is customer-driven to the core.

Modular Scalability For Diverse Applications
Delivers Flexibility, Efficiency, and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
The SUMA 14•20 provides flexible and cost-effective scalability for a broad range of storage intensive applications, like data warehousing, on-line transaction processing, video, engineering workstations, embedded applications, multi-media, and Internet servers. This level of flexibility is made possible through built-to-order configurations that use SUMA 14•20 Subsystems, Virtual RAID Modules, and storage devices together to meet specific performance, connectivity, and scalability requirements. The final configuration can be placed in a tower, standalone unit with roll around base, and standard 19" rackmount. Every modular subsystem easily expands through inner chassis connections with internally routed data and control busses. The SUMA 14•20 provides a broad range of flexibility that delivers the absolute lowest total cost of ownership through standardized deployment, spare parts, training, and administration activities.

Enterprise Storage Management (ESM) Framework
Provides Centralized and Universal Remote Administration Over the Web
The SUMA 14•20 Enterprise Storage Management (ESM) Framework delivers the ultimate in centralized remote administration over a LAN, WAN, or Internet through a complete suite of embedded management software. No server based drivers required. When an event occurs, the system determines the cause, notifies administrators via SMTP Email and SNMP traps, and automatically takes action based on user configurable settings. From any location, centralized management is made possible through multiple methods including the SUMA JavaView interface, Telnet interface, and Enterprise Console Interfaces using the SNMP protocol. All firmware is located in flash memory and can easily be updated through network based TFTP transfers. In addition, the system provides a “Call Home” feature that periodically contacts the PMD website, checks for product updates, and notifies administrators of any issues. From its initial installation, the SUMA 14•20 delivers the most powerful and reliable way to control distributed storage systems, saving valuable time and money.
Features and Benefits
Innovative RAID Subsystem
Platform Architecture
Designed from the ground up to deliver the ultimate in reliability, manageability, and scalability - cost effectively and highly customizable - resulting in time & money savings while protecting your investment.
Hot Pluggable
Virtual RAID Modules
Provides configuration flexibility and "future proof" upgradability to new technologies as they become available. These compact, hot swappable modules are configured with a management controller and one of several industry-standard RAID controllers. Available in single or dual active/active failover configurations, Virtual RAID Modules enable the ultimate in system configuration flexibility.
Segmented Device Backplanes

A Segmented Device Backplane architecture is central to a high reliability environment, enabling individual control over devices while greatly improving data integrity. This architecture provides individual backplanes as opposed to a single fixed backplane, which significantly increases airflow throughout the system, reduces bus flex when inserting devices, and provides cost effective serviceability. In addition, the segmented architecture provides a future upgrade path to Fibre channel devices.
Intelligent Load Sharing
Power and Fan Modules
The Intelligent Load Sharing Power and Fan Modules deliver reliable, controlled power to all devices. Each power module employs an on-board controller that delivers true load sharing and external UPS and voltage monitoring. In addition, each power supply module is hot-swappable with locking AC power cord (optional).
Enterprise Storage Management
Web Administration
(Built-in Ethernet Attach)
A simple network-attached Ethernet 10baseT connection provides powerful access to distributed SUMA 14•20 systems world-wide. This secure, cross platform connection delivers round-the-clock access by IT managers and vendor technical services personnel.
Intelligent Embedded Control System
The embedded control system is a distributed network of 15 micro-controllers, linked together via an internal communications network, that intelligently controls all aspects of the system including data busses, storage devices, power busses, raid configuration, and expansion systems. Driven by the Enterprise Storage Management software that’s located within Virtual RAID Modules, the embedded control system delivers breakthrough data protection and integrity, mandatory functionality that’s demanded in mission critical environments
Shock Mounted
Drive Shuttles

The Shock Mounted Drive Shuttles deliver reliable, vibration free device mounting with hot swap serviceability. Devices are conveniently and safely snapped into place through patent pending 4-point shock mounts that quickly fasten to standard device mounting locations. The shuttle features self-guiding rail grooves, low EMI stainless-steel impregnated ABS plastic, secure key locking handle, universal compatibility with standard 3.5" disk and tape devices. A 68 pin adapter card allows support for non-SCA disk or tape drive devices.

Non-Distruptive Device Swapping


This capability protects “live” data from corruption and bus channels from becoming frozen by safely connecting or disconnecting devices during a “bus free” state. In addition, every device is thoroughly tested before insertion to eliminate data corruption from electrostatic discharge, device ID conflicts, and faulty power circuits.
Virtual Drive Control
This capability provides the flexibility to connect devices to any data bus as needed. When a device is placed into Virtual Mode, it is tested for proper function by checking signal and power circuits. Once tested, the device is powered down and disconnected from the data bus, freeing valuable device IDs and increasing device longevity. When needed as a “Virtual Spare” to rebuild data or “Virtual Expansion” to increase system capacity, Virtual devices are automatically powered on and connected to the data bus during a “bus free” state, ensuring safe device connection.
Safe "Sleep Mode"
This feature protects information against the threat of corruption, loss, and time consuming reconstruction. Sleep Mode is configurable using thresholds and is performed when temperatures reach threatening levels or when an activated un-interruptible power supply is nearing depletion. When “Sleep Mode” is activated, the system halts data access, flushes the data cache, and spins down devices – leaving only the management controller powered to restart operations once the system returns to acceptable conditions.

Multimedia Control Panel

The Multimedia Control Panel with LCD display provides quick and easy access to TCP/IP network address settings, device connections, and diagnostics.

High Volume Airflow System
The High Volume Airflow System increases drive longevity and system reliability. Streamlined ducting forces air through and around all sides of each device and through the RAID Module compartment. This is made possible by four high flow fans and unobstructed segmented backplane architecture.
Flexible Configuration
and Scalability
The SUMA 14•20 with Virtual RAID Modules becomes the Master system. The master is easily expanded through convenient side panel removal and inner-chassis connections to eliminate external interference. The final configuration is oriented in a tower, standalone unit, or 19" rackmount.
System Specifications

SUMA 14•20 Subsystems


  • Tower
  • Stand-alone Unit with Roll Around Base
  • 19” Rackmount


  • (8) - 3.5“ SCA Disk or 68 Pin Tape
  • 7200 and 10,000 RPM
  • Ultra SCSI, LVD SCSI (Fibre Ready)

Virtual RAID Modules

  • Hot Swappable
  • Single or Dual Active/Active Fail-over
  • Multiple Host and Drive Channels
  • Ultra SCSI, LVD SCSI and Fibre Channel

Load Sharing Power & Fan Modules

  • Hot Swappable
  • Dual 400W ea.
  • Four Fans

Multimedia Control Panel

  • 4 Way Control and Enter
  • 3x12 LCD Display Menuing System

Interchangeable Midplane

  • Multiple Channels and Interfaces
  • Ultra SCSI, LVD SCSI, or Fibre

Segmented Backplanes

  • SCA Device Connection
  • Micro-Processor Controlled Data and Power
  • Minimal Air Flow Restrictions
  • Internal Bus Board Data Busses
  • Multiple Versions Ulltra SCSI, LVD SCSI, Fibre

External Connectors

  • (3) - VHDCI SCSI 68 pin
  • (Up to 2) - DB9 Female Fibre Channel
  • (1) - Ethernet 10BaseT RJ45
  • (2) -Serial DB9 Straight Through

Physical Specifications

  • H. 17.9" x W. 8.75" x D. 18.5" - 5U
  • H. 17.9" x W. 12.25" x D. 18.5" - 7U (pending)
  • H. 17.9" x W. 7.0" x D. 18.5" - 4U (pending)

System Weight

  • 93lbs./42kg. Maximum with Drives


  • Standard Data and Management Connections
  • Platform Independent
  • SUN, SGI, IBM, HP, Dell, Compaq
  • Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX, Others

Power Requirements

  • Voltage (VAC) 90 - 264 VAC
  • Frequency (Hz) 47 - 63
  • Power Dissipation 275W

Embedded Management Controller

Virtual Device Control

  • Virtual Spare and Virtual Expansion
  • Flexible Storage Allocation
  • Powered down devices reduces wear

Automatic “Sleep Mode” Shutdown

  • Overheating and Depleted UPS Detection

Non-Disruptive Device Swapping

  • Disconnect and connect during “bus free” state

SUMA JavaView Remote Interface

  • Centralized Java-enabled management

Telnet Interface

  • Centralized Telnet client management

Enterprise Console Integration

  • Full featured SNMP V1 & V2 MIB
  • Computer Associates UniCenter

Proactive Monitoring

  • Drives, power supplies, fans, external UPS, temperature, Virtual RAID Modules, front panel, and backplanes Notifications

SMTP email, SNMP traps, Audible alarm

Flash Firmware Updates

  • TFTP via Ethernet 10BaseT or terminal via Serial port Security

Multi-Tiered Password System



Environmental Specifications

  • Temperature (°F/°C): 32-104/0-40
  • Humidity: 10% - 80%

Electromagnetic Emissions

  • Class B FCC

Regulatory Approvals

  • CUL, CE


  • 3 years
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