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Poly Suma 2008 Series
Features Highlight
WinRAID Manager (Download)
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Suma 2008 Series

SCSI or Fibre Host to SATA/IDE or SCSI Drive RAID

Up to 4TB Storage per 2U Rack, Starts at $4999

2008FA Fibre Host to SATAIDE

2008SA SCSI Host to SATA/IDE

Price Info in PDF

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Features Highlight
Highest storage density with 8 x 80G to 500G SATA-II, 300G IDE or 36G to 146G SCSI/Fibre drives in 2U space
Full featured RAID functionality, supporting RAID levels 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, NRAID, and JBOD
Two 2Gbps Fibre Host channels or Two Ultra160 or U320 SCSI Host channels (supports Cluster)
Multiple array configurations with different RAID levels, optimized on a per array basis.
Auto detection, auto rebuild, hot spare, and hot-swap capability
Support up to 1024 LUNs for host mapping
Intelligent Drive Handling - for managing bad blocks during rebuild and the manual Media Scan function for data protection.
RAIDWatch - Browser-based GUI manager on all major platforms (requires Java plug-in)
RAIDWatch - GUI Manager for Windows, Linux, Solaris (SPARC,x86), AIX, Text mode for all other platforms
64-bit Embedded Hardware RAID Processor
Proprietary ASIC 266 with XOR engine and ECC support
Standard 128MB - 2GB DDR with optional battery
Controller board voltage and temperature self-monitoring
RS-232C serial interfaces, one for text mode management, and the other UPS support.
One 10/100 Ethernet for local and remote GUI management
Advanced RAID Protection
Immediate array availability
Hot-spare support with preset schemes against SMART detected errors
Drive hot-swap and automatic background rebuild
Online expansion by adding drives or replacing drives with drives or larger capacity.
Intelligent Drive Handling:
Data block verification and repair
2) Skipping non-repairable blocks to continue rebuild
HOST Interfaces Option
Two 2Gbps Fibre channels SAN ready, supporting FC-AL, point-point, and switched fabric.
Two Ultra160 or Ultra320 SCSI channels (Optional 2 additional external Drive Channel for JBOX)
Firmware-embedded manager via RS-232C (platform-independent)
Firmware-embedded Java-based GUI RAID manager over in-band SCSI or Ethernet featuring global manageability; real-time event notification and monitoring.
Powerful NPC (Notification Processing Center) module for event notification over Email, LAN broadcast, SNMP traps, etc.
Support SNMP v2.0 MIBs with get and set function
Hardware External Interfaces Option
Dual channel SFP optical Fibre or
Two mini SCSI ports for Host (2 optional ports for external JBOX)
Two audio jack for RS-232C serial ports (38400, n, 8, 1)
One RJ-45 Ethernet port
Auto-shutdown when environmental thresholds exceeded
Power supply: 2 redundant hot-swappable 350W power with PFC
Input: 90~260VAC, 47-63Hz
Output: @5V (25A max), 12V (32A max), 3.3V (20A max)
Operating temperature: 0 to 40C
Relative humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
Altitude: Sea level to 10,000 ft
88H (2U) x 446.2W (19") x 486.5D (19.15") mm (2U rackmount configuration - 19" equipment cabinet size)
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