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XP Service Pack 2 Update Issue
Please do not update your Polywell PC with Microsoft Windows XP Service
Pack 2 without contacting Polywell Tech Support via support@polywell.com
We have found many customers got problem to restart the system once they
updated the system with SP2 and they have to reformat Drive C: and run
drive image recovery to be able to get their system up again.

We found the SP2 may corrupt some the Disk Controller Driver that will no
longer to allow the system booting from the Disk once the SP2 is installed.
Most of the Disk Controller vendors are now trying to get these issues
resolved with Microsoft, we recommend not to update with SP2 yet if you are
using RAID controller with your Polywell PC.

If you have updated your system with SP2 and experienced similar problem as
above, please use the recovery disk to restore your system back to the
original Mfg configuration, however any data or program you have saved on
your Drive C: will be deleted but no effect on other Drive like D, E, F: etc.

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