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Not All Memory is Available after Installing 4GB or More of System Memory

When systems with Intel® chipsets that support 4GB or more of system memory are populated with 4GB or more, the Operating System (OS) may report a lower amount of available memory.
Standard PC Architecture System Resources require addressing which overlaps physical memory below 4GB:

  • System BIOS
  • Motherboard Resources (I/OxAPIC)
  • Memory Mapped I/O
  • PCI Express Configuration Space
  • Additional PCI Device Memory (Graphics Aperture)
  • VGA Memory
  • Others as included, etc..

These requirements may reduce the addressable memory space available to and reported by the Operating System. These memory ranges, while unavailable to the OS, are still being utilized by subsystems such as I/O, PCI Express and Integrated Graphics and are critical to the proper functioning of the PC.

Full White Paper available HERE

Screen Prompts you "F1 to Continue or F2 (or Del) key to BIOS Set up"

When your system encounters any changes in hardware configuration, such as changes in memory, add-on cards, hard drives or Card Media addition or removal, the System BIOS will request you to go into the BIOS by F2 or Del Key when the system is starting up. You can simply hit F2 or Del key at that time to enter the BIOS set up screen, after which you can simply hit F10 to save and exit. This will update the information in the BIOS and you should not get the message again. If you hit F1 to continue, the system will run but it will keep prompting you with the same message everytime you restart.

SATA Drive does not boot, blocked by Card Media

Some Card Media like Compact Flash, USB Flash or External USB/Firewire drives are considered as Drive devices by the BIOS. If you have a SATA Drive instead of IDE drive as your primary boot device, it may block the SATA Drive from booting because some Media Devices may take up higher address in front of the SATA Drive (which acts like a SCSI Device) in the boot sequence. Make sure you remove all the Card Media or USB drive devices before you boot up your system.

About updating your BIOS
Please do not update your BIOS unless you are told to do so by our Tech Support staff. UPDATING THE BIOS MAY VOID THE WARRANTY ON YOUR SYSTEM.
If the system is functioning properly, then you should not touch the BIOS. There is usually very little performance gain from updating your BIOS.
Worst case, if the update fails, you may have to replace the entire motherboard.

Following is set up instruction for Creative 5.1 Speaker connecting to Nvidia Nforce2 5.1 Audio setting:
i. Connect Green cable to Green Audio out on the back of the system
ii. Connect Black cable to Blue Audio port on the back of the system
iii. Connect Orange cable to Pink Audio port on the bkac of the system
iv. Make sure the Audio Setting software setup is select 5.1 speaker. and you can run the speaker test left, right, front, rear, center.

In case you have problem with ATI Graphics driver that can not be resolved by ati.com
you may try http://www.rage3d.com/board/

If you have Modem Issues, please click here for additional help

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