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Modem Issue
In Case you have modem problem, please try following:
1. Connect a phone to the phone line, dial 1-650-737-0206 to make sure you get a high pitch tone once the phone got answered. (some time your phone line may not be set up for long distant connection that will block you from using the line properly).

2. (if it's under Windows '98 or Windows ME), go to control panel, Click on Modems, Select Diagnostic Tab on the top, Select the COMx port where the modem installed, click on [More Info..] button. After a few seconds, it will show another info screen to you, if it shows 115K Baud as Highest Speed that means the modem is OK, simply clock OK button to exit. Your modem is OK (otherwise, it will give you error message that the modem failed to respond. then you have to move to next Step 3)

3. If the modem does not respond properly from Step 2. select the General Tab at the Modems Properties Menu, select the Modem, Click on the Remove Button to remove the Modem. Exit from the Modem Menu back to the Control Panel Screen, Click on [System], Device Manager, Make sure there is no Modem list, (High light all modem and remove them if you see any modem list). Then Click the Refresh Button, the system will scan your system device and it should found the Modem as a new communication device. It should automatic install the modem driver for you and automatic to pick the right COM port for the modem for you. (Otherwise, it will prompt you to insert a Floppy Disk or CD which contains the modem driver for the system, simply follow the screen instruction to install the driver). Once the driver is reinstalled, the system should be OK to use the modem, you can go to Step 2 to run Modem Diagnostic again. If you are still not able to use your modem, then try Step 4.

4. If the Modem Diagnostic is OK but you are still not able to use your modem to connect to your other ISP, go to my computer, Dial-up networking, Click on Make New Connection, Type in Polywell Test, Select a device (make sure there is only one modem for you to select, if it has more than one modem, go back to Step 3). Click Next, make sure nothing under Area Code (if any default No. simply Delete it), put 16507370206 in the Telephone number, then Click Next, Click Finish, Now you should see a new Icon called Polywell Test in your Dial-up Networking Screen. Click on the Polywell Test, put polywell as User name, put 123456 as password, make sure the Phone number shows 16507370206, (otherwise change it to 16507370206). Then click Connect, and you should see it is dialing..... with a status bar, then it will verifying the user name and password... then it will got connect. Your modem is working. In case you can not get connect, and you could not hear any dial tone or any high pit sound after 15 seconds, then the system may have other issue with the modem. Then you need to contact Polywell Tech Support at 800-300-7659 and have your system serial No. which either label on the back of the system or label in front of the system. If you have purchased a 24 hour phone support, you may call the 800 No. label on the system along with the warranty number.

5. If it's possible, please try to recover the system from the drive image which has instruction included with the system, or click here for the instruction if the system is purchased after Jan 2001.
Drivers, BIOS, Manual for hardware click here.
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