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Poly UP1000 21264A
Product Description
Recommended Configuration
Technical Specifications
Other Options
Additional Information
Poly UP1000
AlphaPowered for Linux

 Product Description
Dual Alpha 600 Mhz with 2 mb Level 3 cache per processor.
133 Mhz High-speed ECC SDRAM memory.
30 gb Ultra IDE 7200 RPM Hard drive
8 MB OpenGL 3D Graphics Card
 Poly UP1000

Poly UP1000 21264A - $3,995
Starts at $ 3,995
  Chassis Options


  . 7-Bay Beige ATX-Tower with 300W P/S
. 10-Bay Mercury Tower (Alminum-Plastic)
. 10-Bay Beige Mid-Tower with 330W-460W P/S
. 7-Bay Beige ATX Desktop
. 4U Silver/Black Rackmount
. 2U Black 6SCA/3PCI Rackmount
Product Description
The PolyAlpha UP1000 21264A is powered by the Alpha 21264A RISC processor to optimize performance in those critical high floating point applications. With the rendering needed in high-end animation software, the Alpha gives you raw power which easily relates to less time and a savings in man hours. Utilizing 128MB of memory and 2MB of External Cache and a 7200RPM 10.1GB Ultra-IDE harddrive, this system makes an ideal system to handle the high-end 3D animation packages and CAD/CAM applications.

This system is desgned for the individual or business that needs a speedy yet inexpensive system to cater to those high intensive graphic programs. Lightwave 3D®, Softimage®, QuarkXPress®, MicroStation®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and many other 3D, animation, and CAD packages that require the power and speed will be well suited for the PolyAlpha 600UX. Polywell provides true custom configuration services to optimize this PC from the beginner level to the true professional level.
Poly UP1000
  . PolyAlpha UP1000 ATX MB
  . Alpha 21264A 600MHz 2MB Cache (Option: 700MHz CPU with 4MB Cache).
  . 128MB SDRAM/ECC, Expandable to 768MB.
  . 30GB Ultra-IDE 7200 RPM Hard Drive
  . 8-Bay Mid-Tower Chasis
  . 350Watt ATX Power Supply
  . On-Board Dual Channel Ultra-IDE Controller
  . 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive, 48X CD-ROM
  . Keytronic PS/2 Keyboard
  . Logitech 3 Button Hi-Res Mouse
  . 8MB AGP OpenGL 3D Sound with Speakers
  . 100Mbit Fast Ethernet On-Board
  . Linux or FreeBSD
  . Life time in-house office hour tech support
  . 5-year labor, 3-year limited parts warranty
  . Optional on-site service.
  . 24-hour Third Party Phone Support
If you can not find your configuration from the choice,
Please Call 800-999-1278 for Sales Assistant or
For Special Requests, please go to Custom Quotes @ Polywell
Alpha UP1000 ATX Motherboard
Accommodates one Alpha 21264 processor running at 600MHz with integrated 2MB L2 cache or 700MHz with integrated 4MB L2 cache.
3.2GB/s L2 Cache bandwidth.
800MB/s memory bandwidth
AMD-751TM System Controller
100MHz 64-bit memory bus
2 x AGP Bus for graphics
Four PCI 32bit/33MHz slots; Two ISA slots.
SDRAM memory subsystem; 64MB to 768MB memory.
3 PC100 168-pin unbuffered DIMM’s.
ALI M1543C Southbridge peripheral and ISA interface.
Ultra DMA IDE (two ports)
Floppy control
Two serial ports with modem control
Parallel port
Dual USB ports
PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
2MB flash ROM
Alpha Slot B modular design. Each module includes processor and cache, plus
I2C bus for integrated system management
Thermal sensor
ATX form factor 12"x9.6"
Compatibility with industry standard power supplies, memory, and other components
8-Bay Full Tower Case with 350Watt ATX Power Supply
4 x 5.25" and 1 x 3.5" Exposed Drive Bays, 3 x 3.5" Internal Bay
H:17.8" x W:8.27" x D:16..8", 50 Lb. excluses Monitor
110V / 220V Switchable, UL, CSA, FCC, CE Approved
Supports FreeBSD, Linux
Other Options
  • 10GB or 72GB 7200RPM Ultra-Wide or Ultra SCSI2 Hard Drive
  • Ultra-2 LVD SCSI Controller, Mylex Hardward RAID Controller
  • Genetic 32X IDE or SCSI CD-ROM
  • Diamond FireGL 1000Pro, Matrox Millennium or AccelStarII
  • 17" or 21" High Resolution Monitor (Sampo, IIyama, ViewSonic, Sony, NEC, Hitachi)
  • Sound Blaster AWE64 Sound Card, USR/3Com Modem
  • Logitech Mouse, Ergonomic Keyboard
  • 14-Bay Server Cube BOX or Rackmount Chassis
  • 300Watt to 400Watt Power Supply with Software or Hardware Switch
  • NT, Linux Dual boot
Additional Info
UP1000 Quick Start Guide
UP1000 Motherboard User’s Manual
UP1000 Technical Reference Manual
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