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Poly Server Ultra-60
Product Description
Recommended Configuration
Technical Specifications
Other Options
Additional Information
Poly Server Ultra-60
UltraSparc® processors
Dual 300, 360, 400 or 450MHz
 Product Description
Dual Sparc® Ultra-2 360MHz with 4 mb cache per processor.
133 Mhz High-speed ECC SDRAM memory.
Solaris Preinstalled
PGX 4MB Ultra Graphics
 Poly Server Ultra60

Poly Server Ultra-60
Product Description
The PolyServer Ultra-60 is a Sun Sparc® Ultra-2 processor based system with PCI architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. This system is designed for Internet Server. It is a high performance system within your budget.

This system is desgned for the individual or business that needs a speedy yet inexpensive system to cater to UNIX based applications. Polywell provides true custom configuration services to optimize this system for either Server needs.
Poly Server Ultra - 60
  . Sun Ultra-60 based PCI Motherboard
  . Dual SI Sparc® Ultra-2 360MHz processors with 4MB cache per processor.
  . 256MB ECC DRAM, Expandable to 2GB
  . 9GB Ultra-Wide SCSI HD 10,000RPM
  . On-board Ultra-Wide SCSI Controller.
  . On-board 10/100Mbit Ethernet
  . 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
  . 32X SCSI CD-ROM Drive
  . Sun Keyboard and Sun Mouse
  . PGX 4MB Ultra Graphics
  . Optional PolyView 19" .26mm Monitor
  . Solaris Preinstalled
  . Life time in-house office hour tech support
  . 5-year labor, 3-year limited parts warranty
  . Optional on-site service.
  . 24-hour Third Party Phone Support
If you can not find your configuration from the choice,
Please Call 800-999-1278 for Sales Assistant or
For Special Requests, please go to Custom Quotes @ Polywell
  • Sun® SPARCengineTM UltraTM AXdp Motherboard 
        High performance SPARCTM Server/Workstation solution 
        100% binary compatible with SUN® SPARCTM products 
        Y2K compliant 
  • 1 or 2 x SI Sparc® Ultra-II Processor
  • Single or Dual 300, 360, 400 or 450MHz with 2 or 4MB Cache per processor modular
  • 4 x 64-bit PCI Local Bus Slots
  • 2 x UPA Slots
  • 16x 200-pin DSIMM Socket (32M, 64M, 128M Module, 4 banks)
  • 64MB-2GB ECC 512-bit Memory Path
  • On board Ultra-Wide SCSI Controller
  • On board 10/100Mbit Auto-sensing Ethernet with RJ45 and AUI Connector
  • 2 x RS232C/423 Serial, 1 x DB25 Parallel Port
  • Sun Keyboard/Mouse Port (Optional PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 mouse)
  • Rackmount Chassis with 350Watt Power Supply
  • 1 x CD-ROM, 1 x 3.5" Floppy and 2 x 3.5" Internal Bays for Hard Drive
  • Supports Solaris UNIX or Linux
  • Details
                        Ultra SPARC II, 64 bit RISC SPARC
                        SPARC V9 compliant Cache
                        16 KB Data & 16 KB Instruction on chip
        System Memory  Type
                        200 pin SIMM
                        16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB
                        2 GB
         Number of Slots
                        16 (4 slots per bank)

        Standard Interface 
                        10/100 Base-T or MII for external transciver
                        40 MB/Sec Ultra-SCSI (SCSI-3)
                        10 MB/Sec SCSI-2
                        Two RS-232/RS-423, DB25
                        Centronic-compatible port, DB25
         PCI Expansion Slots
                        Three 32/64 bit 33MHz, 5V

                        One 32/64 bit 66 MHz, 3.3V
         UPA Graphics
                        Two UPA slots support Creator or Elite3D M6
                        16 bit autio 8 KHz to 48 KHz
                        speaker, microphone, line-in and line-out jacks

        Input Device 
                        Type-5, Sun compatible
                        Type-5, Sun compatible
    Storage Bays 
         3.5" exposed Bay
                        2 (one for floppy drive, one for Tape)
         5.25" exposed Bay
                        1 (for CD-ROM Drive)
         SCA bay
                        2 (Hot Swapable)

        Standard Software 
         Operating System
                        Solaris 2.6, 5/98 or later version
                        ONC, NFS, TCP/IP, MHS, DCE, IPX/SPX
                        SunLink OSI
         Windows System
                        OpenWindows 3.5
                        Common Desktop Environment Version
         Develop Environment
                        Sun WorkShop
                        Internet WorkShop 1.0.1
                        WorkShop OpenStep 1.0
                        XGL, XIL, OpenGL, Xlib
                        Creator 3D, Elite3D M3, PostScript

        System Dimension 

        Power Supply 
         AC Voltage
                        90 - 132 VAC
                         180 - 265 VAC
         AC Frequency
                        47 - 63 Hz
                        350 Watt
         Single CPU
                         Model 300 Model 360 Model 400 Model 450
                         296 MHz    360 MHz    400 Mhz      450MHz
         External Cache
                         2 MB           4 MB          4 MB            4 MB
         UPA Peak Bandwidth
                         1.3 GB/Sec 1.92 GB/Sec 1.6 GB/Sec   1.92GB/Sec
         SPECint 95
                         12.1             16.1              17.8               19.2
         SPECfr 95
                         15.5             23.5               25.0               26.6

Other Options
  • 4.5 or 18GB Ultra-Wide SCSI Drive, SCSI Tape Backup
  • Polywell Suma Disk Array with 20GB to 1,000GB for Server
  • Sun Creator II 3D Graphics
  • 19" or 21" High Resolution Monitor (Sampo, IIyama, ViewSonic, Sony, NEC, Hitachi) 
  • Fortran, C++ Complier, Internet Server, Firewall.

    Optional 5U Rackmount in White or Black Color
                             Four front accessible full-height SCA drives 
                             One external 5.25” drive 
                             One external 3.5” drive 
                             Two 82cfm ball bearing fans 
                             One full-height 3.5” (tape drive) slot 
                             350W power supply 
                             Front-panel power and reset switches 
                             Steel manufactured
                             19”w x 8.70”h x 27”d 
                             Weight: 39 lbs. 
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