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Security Camera Series  
PolyVision V100 Surveillance Video System

PolyVision V100 Series

Professional Digital System
for Security and Surveillance
- Diskless Embedded Linux Appliance System
- Browser Based Client, Easy to Use
- Simple Maintain, Reliable and Redundant Platform

Applications for: Casino, Bank (ATM), Retail Chain Store (POS), Airport, Hospital, Mordern Building, Digital Home, Traffic Control, University/School, Police/FBI/CIA, Customs/Immigration, Museum.

 Recommended Configurations
$999 PolyVision V100
4 to 16-Camera Linux Based Surveillance System with Remote Networking Control
- Supports Dynamic Internet IP Address (Local Cost DSL Configuration)
- Disk Less Flash IDE Drive Linux Kernel and Application built-in
- Plug and play, no operating system needed
- 30 fps live video for each camera, up to 16 cameras in one system
- Built-in channel switching (QUAD) function for local monitoring
- Built-in Web Server
- Record/display/playback simultaneouly
- Motion detection/Event trigger redording/Schedule recording/Pre-Alarm function
- E-Mail & FTP server alarm notification
- Easy operation and system configuration via IR remote control, local keyboard or remote browser
- Query recorded data by date, time, triggered events
- Control well known brand PTZ Cameras
- Replay recorded video on local VGA monitor or remote browser
- Standard web browser as client application
- HTML file upload to DOM for home page customization
- Fireware upgradable
- POS Integration
  • Integrate 3rd party POS system with PolyVision V100 Network DVR(digital video recording)
  • Automatically Capture POS transaction data into DVR from serial interface
  • Each serial interface port can connect one POS machine
  • Record and associate POS transaction data with video
  • Superimpose POS transaction data onto corresponding video
  • Search video clips based on text (POS transaction data)
  • User can specify any keyword in the transaction data For Data Event Alerting. Such as VOID and NO SALE
  • Remote web browser access of video and transaction data

  • Video Input- Support NTSC/PAL composite video 4 BNC video input connectors per module, up to 16 Cameras with 4 modules per system.
  • VGA Output- 24bit true color, up to 4 cards in one system
  • Sensor Input/Relay Output- (Optional) through COM Port
  • Compression Standard- support H.263, M-JPEG, JPEG standards
  • Image Quality- 24bit 320x240 (Default)
  • Maximum Record/Playback Frame Rate- 120 fps/ Total
  • Maximum Live Display Frame Rate- 30 fps/channel, 480 fps/channel (NTSC) and 25 fps/channel, 400 fps/channel (PAL)
  • Browser Compatibility Protocol- support TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP, FTP
  • Backup Function- IDE HDD, NAS, IDE or USB Interface CD-RW
  • Language- English, Traditional Chinses, Simplified Chinese
  • Certificate- FCC, CE
PTZ Cameras Support List
  • VP-202 Camera Control
  • Sony EVI (VP-203) Camera Control
  • Cannon VC-C3 Camera Control
  • PIH-717X Camera Control
  • Acqutek DOM-1200 Camera Control
  • CECC AV2002 Camera Control
  • Canon VC-C4 Camera Control
  • Pano PTZ Camera Control
  • Kalatel KTD-312 Camera Control
  • Pelco (D) PTZ Camera Control
  • NICECAM MD-1000 Camera Control
  • PIH-7600 Camera Control
  • DynaColor D7720 Camera Control
  • Pelco (P) PTZ Camera Control
  • Customer PTZ #1

For further information and pricing please call 1-800-999-1278 or 650-583-7222 to speak with a sales rep. You may also fax your inquiry to 650-583-1974. Product specification and price are subjected to change without further notice.


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