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Polywell offers special services for the corporate client who may need to purchase products that are not covered by a standard contract. We offer a high-end IT product line with custom configurations to meet the needs of a small or medium corporate project. We are very good at working with small groups that operate inside of a larger corporation. We can be flexible and efficient while we uphold our commitment to excellent customer service and customer support.

We provide you with hardware within your budget, while we develop Enterprise Scale Server Systems, Departmental Servers, Work group Servers, or Workstations. Polywell maintains multi-vendor support and provides an open architecture solution to our clients. The open architecture we use allows our customers to optimize contracts under budget constraints. We offer both Polywell branded and other branded products. We provide
integration services for Sun, Intel, Windows, FreeBSD and Linux at a competitive price.

Over the years since 1987 we have developed a working relationship with many first tier technology businesses including but not limited to IBM, HP, Cisco, Broadcom, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, LSI, Seagate, WD, Samsung, Microsoft, RedHat, Novell and Sun MicroSystems.

Basic Polywell Models
Polywell Advantage
Custom Corporate Configurations
Linux, FreeBSD, SCO, Netware, Solaris, OS/2, Windows Solutions
RAID, Cluster, Networking, SAN
Life-Time In-House Support on Hardware
15 Years of Computer Solutions Experience

Contact our Enterprise Department direct or call 1-800-999-1278 for assistance.
For further information and pricing please call 1-800-999-1278 or 650-583-7222 to speak with a sales rep. You may also fax your inquiry to 650-583-1974. Product specification and price are subjected to change without further notice.
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