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News & Reviews from 2008

[Dec 1, 2008

PolyStation 5400X8-CX4, X5800A-CX4 and P4500CX - Polywell launches workstations accelerated for Adobe CS4, based on NVIDIA's Quadro CX graphics with H.265 Encoder.

[Nov 21, 2008]

Poly iQ470
- Polywell launches Poly iQ470, the new professional desktop based on NVIDIA's iQuadro 470 OpenGL Graphics platform. This is an entry-level, and affordable mini workstation with NVIDIA QuadroFX technology and a price tag that starts at $699. The Poly iQ470 is available in 3 different styles: MiniBox, Slim Desktop and standard MiniTower. It is the most quiet and the smallest platform on today's workstation market.

[Nov 17, 2008

Poly X5800
- Polywell is launching a new series of high performance PCs and workstations based on the new Intel Core i7 platform - the Poly X5800 series. There are 4 different models, all with an Intel X58 chipset:
1) Poly X5800i, the standard model featuring CrossFireX graphics;
2) Poly X5800SLi3, a graphics-enhanced model with NVIDIA 3-way SLI support;
3) Poly X5800A, featuring either a 2-way SLI or 2-way CrossFireX, and a superfast 15K RPM SAS Disk platform; and
4) PolyStation X5800A, a workstation-class system with QuadroFX or FireGL OpenGL graphics for up to eight 2560x1600 displays

[Nov 15, 2008]

Poly i9300
- Polywell is shipping the new Poly i9300 series Value PCs, based on the NVIDIA GeForce 9300i chipset on an Intel Core2 platform. This is the latest and fastest integrated graphics platform available in today's market. Polywell has designed 3 small and quiet models in MiniBox, Slim Desktop and MiniTower styles, with prices starting at $499.

[Nov 1, 2008]

NetDisk 8000V
- Polywell introduces the 12TB high performance, quiet and affordable NAS Storage system. is priced from $1399 for 4TB or $2999 for 12TB. It comes with Dual high speed Gigabit Ethernet, 1.5GHz processor and RAID-5 with hot spare support.

[April 11, 2008]

Poly X4800 - The System based on Intel's Top of the line Desktop Chipset
Polywell launches Intel X48 Chipset based system: Poly X4800. This system supports 1600MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) Core2 Duo or Quad processor, with up to 1800MHz DDR3 Memory, it has two PCIe 2.0 x16x Slots supporting CrossFire for High-end Gaming with High Definition Graphics. It also aims for workstation with ECC memory supported. [PRODUCT PAGE]

Poly i790SLI3 - NVIDIA's Triple SLI Gaming PC on Intel Platform
Polywell introduces the first Triple SLI Intel-based high performance PC - Poly i790SLi3. This system has 3 PCIe 2.0 x16 Slots for Triple SLI with up to 3 NVIDIA GeForce 9800 graphics. It utilizes DDR3 memory up to 1600MHz as well as 1600MHz FSB for the CPU. It is designed for super graphics performance for a top of the line gaming system. [PRODUCT PAGE]

PolyCenter 780G -  AMD's latest HD Media Chipset PC
Polywell is now shipping the latest AMD 780G Chipset-based PC - PolyCenter 780G. This system is designed for High Definition Video with Fanless integrated ATI XD3200 Video Graphics and energy efficient 45W AMD 64-bit Dual-Core Processor. The system uses a fanless power supply and fanless graphics, offers super quiet operation while maintaining high definition quality and good system performance. This system can also be used as a general purpose PC for those who like quiet but cannot sacrifice performance. [PRODUCT PAGE]

2008 Product Reviews (GO TO REVIEWS PAGE)

Polywell Poly X3800 (PCMAG)
... it's a very good gaming PC that will keep you competitive on the game grid and offer up the eye candy you've paid so much for. More...

Poly P3503-DDR3 Workstation (Cadalyst)
Highly recommended system from Polywell Computers offers top-notch performance, expandability, componentry, and warranty. More...

i680SLI (CNET)
Potent GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card and Intel quad-core CPU blow through current games and are poised for next-gen gaming excellence. More...

Poly P503 Desktop Computer (ComputerShopper)
The Poly P503 has pretty much whatever performance accoutrements you're looking for in a game machine. More...







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