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A large assortment of IPCs for every occasion. Quiet or completely silent. Commercial to industrial. Custom designs available. If your application requires a custom-built box, we can build a system that is perfect for your needs. Wide selection of chassis, motherboards and optional components to choose from. Automatic cashier billing and computerized ordering. Standalone or network version. From small, home-scale to large, industrial systems. our IP-camera solutions are flexible and expandable. Kiosks, touch-screen interactive systems, infomercial systems fro waiting-areas, multi-screen signage and large LCD billboards. We have various other solutions including TV set-top boxes, complete entertainment systems for the home, disc replicating machines, and IP phone systems.  

OEM Solutions: Cost-Effective Quality Manufacturing for your Brand
Polywell can offer customers with cost effective solutions to manufacturing. We have the experience of manufacturing a wide range of computer related products. We can manufacture your products, and at the same time develop unique new products to meet your needs. We also have the capacity to provide technical support for any product we manufacture. In the past, we have accommodated orders as small as forty units to as large as hundreds of thousands. We are the perfect solution for businesses looking to scale up their production from local to an international scale. We will strive to establish long term relationships with all of our OEM clients so we can provide efficient and effective solutions.
A list of our capabilities:
  • Embedded Product Development and Production
  • Product manufacturing within US, or utilize our offshore facilities for manufacturing ranging from 50 units to 50,000 units per month
  • Software Engineering Services: C, Assembly programming, driver development, UNIX/Linux/Windows-based application development
  • Packaging, Import/Export, Shipping/Handling Services
  • Installation / On-Site Service / End-user Support
  • Customization, Integration with non-computer based products
  • Custom Tooling, Technical Drawing, Research and Design Services
A list of our past OEM products:
  • IP-TV Set top boxes
  • IP+DVD-TV Set top boxes
  • POS Systems
  • Kiosks
  • CCTV Surveillance Video Systems
  • IP-Phone, VoIP, VPN, Firewall appliances
  • Security Systems
  • Digital Capture Devices
  • Control Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Lab Testing Devices
  • BioTech Devices
  • Music Instruments
  • Video Devices
  • Satellite Devices
  • Testing Equipments
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • IP Phones
  • Voice-Over-IP Hubs
  • Internet Faxes
  • RIP
  • Live Stock Receivers
  • Digital Signage
  • Medical Equipments
We have also installed Thin Client Terminals bundled with Sun Java Desktop software.

Fulfillment Services
We offer a comprehensive lineup of fulfillment services that can help you in all phases of your business.
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Please contact our OEM Sales department at 800-999-1278 Ext. 122 or 135 or
E-Mail: jennylin@polywell.com or info@polywell.com

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