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Polywell builds a wide range of High-end Workstations, Servers and PC's for Professional Users who need to maximize performance per dollar. By conscientiously configuring systems with just the right components for
optimum performance and dependability we can provide you the very best solution for your needs.

Our expert staff is ready to "listen" to your needs and "learn" about your business environment to ensure that you will get performance to be competitive in today's ever changing world. You will set the pace. We offer full customization and make special features and technologies like multi-boots, SCSI, multi-processors, and multi-monitor systems available and affordable.

We've been integrating the worlds most advance technology into our systems since 1987 and have learned that this new economy is all about service. Give us a call. You will be pleasantly surprised with Polywell. We put you directly in contact with a real person. We do not put you through a maze of voice prompts and button pushing. We believe that excellent service makes a difference.

We have experienced experts who have designed systems for:

* 3D Animation Systems
* CAD/CAM Systems
* Video Editing Systems
* Desktop Publishing and WEB Authoring Systems
* Engineering Development Systems
* Clustering and Rendering Farms
For more information please call us at 800.999.1278 or send an email to sales@polywell.com
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Forensic SystemS - P3500a
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