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Corporate Responsibility
Polywell is proud to annouce that it is part of the 80 plus program. This program focuses on energy efficiency and allows for significant cost savings.

Due to the energy crisis, energy saving becomes a major topic of all government and big corporate businesses. Today, most PCs use standard a power supply which has about 65% to 70% power efficiency, which means if you are using 100 Watts power from your home or office, your power supply only produces 65W to 75W of usable energy to your PC. The remaining 30W to 35W of power is dissapated as thermal energy (ie heat) and is wasted. Most high-end PCs todays use 300W or more power, which means at they need to have about 500W power supply in order to be able to generate 300W of power. If we are using a 80% efficiency power supply, then 400W is good enough for a 80% efficiency power supply. With the lower heat dissapation, systems will require less cooling fans meaning quieter systems. For large scale servers, this will significantly reduce the amount of heat dissapated from these more efficient systems leading to savings in air conditioning as well.

There are not very many vendors in the market that understand this and provide this solution yet. Polywell is one of the premier vendors providing this solution with our systems and we are joining this 80Plus Program which is supported by the government and utility companies in the west coast.

For more information about the program please visit the 80 plus organization website.

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