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High Performance Cloud Computing
PolyBlade 7U40X
7U 10 Blade E5-4600 Series, 800-Way Server
4 x Intel® Xeon™ 12C/24T per Blade Module
2 GigaLAN, 16xDDR3 per Blade Module
Optional 56Gbit FDR Infiniband or 10Gbit


Featured Highlights
10 Blades, 40 Dual Xeon™ 12C/24T Processors
Intel® C602J Chipset for Xeon™ E5-4600v2 Series
upto 1TB DDR3 Memory per Blade
4 Hot-swap 2.5" SAS2-6GB/s drive bays per Blade Module
Dual Gigabit/10GBit LAN per Blade Module
Optional 10Gbit Ethernet or 56Gbit FDR Infiniband

PolyBlade 7U40X offers many unique advantages, including best density, highest memory expansion, fastest and most cost-effective Networking solution. It can provide you with peace of mind via Remote Management.

Standard SKU
-7U 10 Blade 40 Processors
-Two Dual Intel Xeon Modules per Blade

-7U 10 Blade 20 Module
-Two Dual Intel Xeon Modules per Blade
-3x Tesla Kepler K20X/K40X SXM GPU per Blade


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  • 12.1" (7U) H x 18.5" (19") W x 29" D
  • Gross Weight: 160 lbs
  • Available Colors: Black
Front Panel
  • Buttons: Power On/Off button, KVM button
  • LEDs: Power LED, UID / KVM LED, Network Activity LED, Fault LED
  • Connector: SUV (Serial/USB/Video) & KVM Connector
Module Bays
  • Up to 10 hot-plug server blades, 4 CPUs per blade
  • Up to 4 hot-plug switch-module bays:
    . 2 hot-plug 4x FDR IB switches with built-in management module
    . 2 hot-plug gigbit /10Gbit Ethernet switches
  • Up to 2 hot-plug management modules providing remote KVM and IPMI 2.0 functionalities
  • 4 hot-swap 1400W / 2000W / 2500W power supplies, 3+1 redundant
  • 16 cooling fans
Blade Modules (per Blade)

Blade Module

  • Supports up to four Intel® Xeon™ processor(s) per Blade Module:
    • 4C/8T, 6C/12T, 8C/16T, 10C/20T or 12C/24T Intel® Xeon™ Processor E5-4600 v2 series
  • Intel® C602J Chipset
  • 16 DDR3 DIMM sockets, Supports up to 1TB memory per CPU Blade Module
  • Matrox G200eW Graphics over KVM
  • Intel® i350 Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller per CPU Module
  • Optional Mellanox ConnectX3 FDR InfiniBand 56Gbit or 10Gb Ethernet
  • 4x 2.5"Hot-swap SAS2-6Gb/s HD/SSD bays Per Blade Module

Management Module

  • VGA Port, 2x USB Ports
  • Remote Management Processor and sub-system
  • 1x LAN port
  • Video ADC, Video Compress FPGA
  • I2C,IPMI Management
  • 12V Hot-swap Controller
  • GBX Backplane Connector

Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • Broadcom BCM5345M chipset
    . Ten 1-Gbps downlink ports for LAN interfaces of the server blades (capable of 14 internal ports)
    . Ten 1-Gbps uplink RJ-45 Uplink Ports
    . 24 Gbps non-blocking
    . Browser-based management
    . Firmware upgradeable
  • Broadcom 5464
    . Ten 1-Gbps downlink ports for LAN interfaces of server blades (capable of 14 internal ports)
    . Fourteen 1-Gbps uplink RJ-45 ports
    . Browser-based management

Infiniband Solutions

  • Mellanox
    . Twenty 4x FDR internal downlink ports
    . Sixteen 4x FDR QSFP Uplink Ports
    . 4x FDR (56Gbps) non-blocking architecture switch (36-port)
Power Supply
  • Two or Four 2500W/1400W Power Supply, Redundant Modules
  • 1400W Power Supply, Redundant Module
  • +12V: 116A (200~240VAC input), 100A (100~140VAC input)
  • 5VSB: 16A
  • PFC: Yes
  • Peak Efficiency: 90%+
  • Input AC Range: 100~240VAC
  • Operating Conditions: Temp: -5 to 50°C, Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
  • Fan Type: 2x 90mm fans (8000 RPM with PWM)
  • 2500W Power Supply, Redundant Module
  • +12V: 208A
  • 5VSB: 16A
  • PFC: Yes
  • Peak Efficiency: 90%+
  • Input AC Range: 200~240VAC
  • Operating Conditions: Temp: -5 to 50°C, Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
  • Fan Type: 4x 90mm fans (8000 RPM with PWM), (8300 RPM with PWM)
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