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PolyRaxx Rack Servers
1 and 2U 24 x 2.5" high density storage servers
SAN/NAS Storage Products
1U to 8U NAS Netdisk, 8074A (300TB) 8U
Other Rackmount Products
Mobile Rack Solution New   
Rack Cabinets
1U,2U LCD Display and KVM New
22 to 42U Rack Cabinets
Wall Mount Chassis for PC/Server
Multi Blade/Clusters
8U 7U 10 Blade 20 Module, 240-Way Servers
7U 10 Blade 240-way Opteron Solution
4U 10Blade 120-way 6-Core
6U 6 dual Nehalem Module, 14 x SAS RAID
2U 4 x Hot Swap Compute Modules Dual Xeon
1U2X 16-way Xeon
Twin Opteron Server in 1U 24-way 4 x 4100 Series Opteron
48-way, Four 12-Core Opteron 6100 Series
32-way 4 8-Core Xeon M
Tower / 4U / MiniBox
TX308SS-800R,Full ATX,7 Full Slots,3x5.25,8SAS
TX308SA-650W,Full ATX,7 Full Slots,3x5.25,8SAS
TX214W Tower/Desktop,Full ATX,7 Full Slots,2x5.25,1FD,4SATA
TX214-300W,MTX,4 Full Slots,2x5.25",1FD,1x3.5"
PolyRaxx Rack Servers
Entry level to Data Center Class Server featuring Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows Servers OS.
  Model Name Definition:
1102: 1=1U, 1=CD Bay, 0=FD Bay, 2=Internal Drive Bay
1114SS2P:  1=1U, 1= CD Bay, 1= FD Bay, 4SS=4 SAS/SATA Swap Bay, 2P=2RISER
1002SC 14" Mini 1U without open bay
1002SS-11"-200W 2x2.5" Swap New
1U-1000T 2 removable ITX Servers New
1001i 1U Chassis 16.9" for Extended ATX Platform New
1102i 1U Chassis 22.6" for Extended ATX Platform New
1102SS 22.6" 2Swap, SATA/ SAS/SCSI 1 Riser
1104SM 1U 19.8" Short Rackmount with 4 SATA New
1114SS-520 1 Riser CD/FD/4SAS
1010SS-700R, 10xSwap 2.5" with Rd P/S New
1108SS-700, 8x2.5" SAS/SATA, 700W P/S New
1108MS-560, 8x2.5" SAS/SATA, 560W P/S New
1104MS-560, 4x2.5" SAS/SATA, 560W P/S New
2012B, Short 2U Case with 12 Swap HD Bays New
2103SR 3x3.5" Swap + Slim CD, 700W RdP/S 17.7" Depth New
2220BW 20" 3Riser or Low-Profile Low-Cost
2200BW 2x5.25",2FD/HD, 3Riser or LP
2420BW 27" 4x5.25"+2x3.5" Open Bays, 3 Riser
2116SS-650 6xSAS/SATA, 650W P/S
2128SSL 25.6" 8 Swap, 7 Low-Profile Rd PS
2012SSLP 25.6" 12 Swap 7 Low-Profile
2106SQ Quad CPU 6 Swap Low-Profile
2116SS-900R, 16x2.5" SAS/SATA, 900W P/S New
2024SS-900R, 24x2.5" SAS/SATA, 900W P/S New
2112P, 20.8" 2U Rackmount Case for ATX New
3122BW 16" For Full-ATX MB
3420LZ 20" for ATX Size, Low-Cost
3421BL 4x5.25"/2xFD/1x3.5"HD
3611AS 21" 8 Open Bays ATX Size
3218SA 25.6" 8 SATA, Low-Cost
3318SS 25.5" 8 SAS/SATA New
3215P 20.8" 3U Rackmount Case for ATX New
3116SS/E1/E2, 25.6", 16 SAS Expander
4315S 20.5" Short Rack with 5Swap+3x5.25" Bay New
4116AS 27" 4U 16 Swap HD Bays New
4401BW 15" ATX Short
4311BW 17.8" Military Grade Full-ATX New
4100AD 26.5" 10-5.25" for Full-ATX
4024SS 25.8" 24 Swap 900W Rd P/S New
4024SSQ 26" 24 Swap 1800W Rd P/S
4711P 20.8" 4U Rackmount Case for ATX New
4036A 36 Swap 1400W Rd P/S New
4072SS 27.5" 4U Rackmount Case for ATX, E-ATX New
5124AIS 25.4" 24Swap 5.25"+CD+FD Bay
8074A 27" 74 Swap 3.5" Bay
Product Description
Polywell Computers, an industry leader in Alpha, UltraSparc and Intel based systems, announces a total solution for multi-vendor cross platforms - PolyRaxx

It provides one stop support and integration for ISP or corporate business customers who have multiple platform hardware and software at affordable cost.
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